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In efforts to better serve our members we are putting forth the following discounted policies regarding the Juggernaut Trading Room. These new policies will take effect as of this Wednesday September 1st 2010. A new monthly password will be issued and required on the 1st of each month.


Standard Monthly Room Rate:



Affiliate Traders: Includes Light-speed Traders, Noble Trading Traders, Broad Street Trading Traders, Acquire Media News Users, Trade the News Users and Shankys Blog Referrals.

$150/Month (25% discount from standard price)


Grandfathered Affiliate Traders: Includes all current Light-speed, Noble Trading and Broad Street Trading Traders. Act now to take advantage of this generous offer!

$50 per month. (75% discount from standard price)


Requirements to receive access password:

As of the first of September all room attendees will be required to be registered through our PayPal Link found on the top right of our products page at Register Here
What the room offers:

The Juggernaut Trading Room is a live virtual trading room where successful traders join forces to trade the market. Where trading preparation meetings, suspicions, trades, arguments, risk analysis are shared and evaluated by the Juggernaut staff as well as by the attendees.

Our moderators trade profitability success rate ranges from 65-85%. Trades called on our blog (TimothyKelleherCorp.blogspot.com) typically range from 75-85%. Of the 200 plus traders we coach, our documented success rate for net profitably is 25%. Gross profitability rates are around 50%. This is FAR above the industry standard failure rate for independent intra day traders at 95%.

Through the web conferencing software, attendees of the Juggernaut Room can hear audio, view our trading platform and chat to active professional traders who are broadcasting from our NYC Wall Street trading desk.

The room opens for pre-market trading at 7:00 am. Live web conferencing morning audio meetings begin at 8:15 am (EST). Recap recorded meeting's at 1:00 pm daily. Audio, video and chat services throughout the normal trading hours and into the post market until 6:00 pm.

Expert analysis broadcast-ed daily
Group trader's trades broadcast-ed
Pre-market threw to post-market commentary
Insight from all our news sources:
o Acquire Media
o Trade The News
o Broad Street Trading
o Shanky's Blog
Shared information from seasoned veterans
Online customer service access for Broad Street Traders
Overall SP Future's commentary


We look forward to wrapping up a great summer of trading and moving onto an exciting Fall. We have a very volatile market with high % trades offered daily.

Please be on the lookout for more exciting things from Juggernaut Trading!

All the best and good trading to all,

Juggernaut Trading, LLC

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