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Use the MY HERO website to promote project based learning, media literacy, character education, 
global awareness, computer skills and creative self expression.   Students can explore our rich online digital archive of inspiring hero stories, art, films, music and then share their own inspiring media 
with life long learners from around the world.

MY HERO Calendar Features

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Sept 11 Sep 11 (9/11)
Sept 15 - Oct 15: National Hispanic Month

Sep 22: Character Day


Oct 1-Oct 30:  LGBT History Month



Oct 24-30: Disarmament Week


Nov 10: Malala Day

Nov. 16 - 20: Bullying Awareness Week





Watch MY HERO's short video intro featuring Kayla Briƫt

Women Transforming Media is a new blog dedicated to sharing stories of women in media.  

2016 MY HERO 
Prize-Winning Stories

Jane Goodall ( AP Photo/MTI, Barnabas Honeczy)

A prize-winning story by Nina
from Poland 

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About Us
The MY HERO Project, founded in 1995, provides people of all ages with the tools to create inspiring stories, art, films, and music to share with our global, online learning community. MY HERO's web authoring tools are designed for use in classrooms, homes and libraries. Guests are invited to register and create their own multimedia portfolios that can be enriched year after year.