Special Mask Issue
What's New in Masks
In our Roundtable discussion last week, many of you wanted to know about new masks that are on the market. As promised, here are three that we think you might want to consider trying at your next resupply order. 
Full Face Mask

Covers your mouth and nose. 

Usually used for those who breath from their mouth at night.

Sunset Classic



We have been having great luck with the Sunset Classic mask. It's a very simple mask that's easy to use, comfortable, and from a great company. NO complicated parts or adjustments to make. Just a great fit.

  + NO forehead marks

  + Great Sealing

  + Light weight

  + Easy to use


If you currently have a full face mask and want to try this mask in your next order, or buy one before then, click the button below and we will contact you or add it to your next order.

Gecko Pads. When you sign up to try this mask, you can also add the Gecko Pad there too! We highly recommend using the Gecko Pad with all Full Face Masks. 
Nasal Mask

Covers just your nose.

A small mask over your nose, but not against your nostrils like the nasal pillow.


Respironics Wisp Nasal Mask


Wow! This is a super low profile mask that won't get in the way. Everyone has been loving this mask.

  + Unobtrusive/ low profile

  + Super Sealing

  + Comfy and soft headgear


This is the new top of the line nasal mask and just a super mask

Nasal Pillow

Seals gently against your nostrils 

This is a new update to an already great mask


Fisher & Paykel Pilairo Q Nasal Pillow


F&P took a great pillow mask and made it even better with a more supportive headgear and super quiet diffuser! This is a beautiful mask that we know you will really love.

  + Multi-sealing surfaces

  + Luxurious headgear

  + Quiet, quiet!


We are really excited about this brand new mask update to an already great product.

Full Face Mask Users Look Here!
Gecko pads are the Best!
Gecko CPAP Pad

Our patients rave about these so much, we're excited to keep spreading the news about how great these little pads are.

If there is one new thing you try this year- this is it!!

Click this button and we'll send you a 3-month supply and bill your insurance company.

Anyone that has a full face mask should try these soft nose protectors. Our Respiratory Therapists highly recommend them to prevent soreness, help the mask seal better, and prevent marks. They're super comfortable and easy to use.

Highly recommended!

Call or click above if you want to add them to your next order. These pads require a prescription and we will contact your doctor directly to get what we need!

You're going to love them!
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