New Membership FAQs
How do I register as a new member online?


  1. Click the Become A Member button
  2. Fill in all required fields on the Customer Profile form. All fields marked in bold are required. Important: If you are creating an account for a girl, remember to fill in the required fields with her information.
  3. The Web Site Access fields at the bottom of Customer Profile form. Follow these steps below to create Username and Password:  
    • Create a unique Username for your account. It can be a first/last name, an e-mail address or a unique word. This will be your username to login in the future.
    • Create your Password. The password must be at least 7 characters.
    • Select a Security Question and fill in your answer. This question will be used in case you forget your password.
    • Click Create Account

4.  Click Create Profile

5.  Select the membership option appropriate for the individual you are registering. The selections listed   are Adult Membership or Girl Membership, select one and click Add to Cart

6.  Click Checkout on the left side of the screen

7.  Update required information and click Save

8.  Verify your shopping cart order. You can also choose to add a Donation at this point by clicking on the green Donate Now button on the left and adding to your order

9.  Pay for order. To process payment, follow these steps:

    • Click Select on the card type from the drop-down box, and fill in the Card Number, Security Code, Expiration of the card and the Name on the card being used.
    • Click Process Payment. CLICK ONCE TO AVOID DOUBLE CHARGES.

NOTE: If you wish to use a payment other than credit card, you must register by submitting paper forms and your payment to GSHPA. Alternative payment types include Financial Aid, Product Sales Dough and check/money orders.


After the payment process, you will be directed to the Order Summary page. It is recommended that you print this page to keep a record of your membership payment. Once you leave this screen you can't get back, so be sure to save or print before leaving the screen.

I have registered online as a new member, now what?

Once the online registration process has been completed a Membership Associate will contact the new member within 5-7 business days to discuss their interests. If the new member is interested in joining a traditional troop, the Membership Associate will work with the service units to locate a troop that best meets their needs.

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