We just got a batch of these very interesting first aid kit mounts. In 28 years in this business we keep coming across things we have never seen that have lots of potential uses, and these are one. It it not just important to have a first aid kit in your vehicle, home, shop and office but that kit also needs to be where everyone knows where it is and can easily access it- how many of us have kits that are somewhere in our trunk, behind the seat or under a bunch of stuff in the workshop or garage? Can you get it easily and can everyone else see where it is?

These kits are a real military issue mount made for use in military vehicles or ships (we are not sure, so if anyone knows where they were used tell us!) They are a heavy gauge metal basket, lined with foam padding, with a metal locking bar across the top that adjusts to height and secures with two wing nuts. 10"w, 3.75"w and at the tallest extension of the lock bar 7.5" tall.

We are offering this kits just the kit for $14.95 for the brand new, American made MILSPEC mount.   We also have two stocked first aid kits that fit inside it and are offering those with the kit at a reduced price over the cost for them individually. We have a larger white kit that is the biggest  we have found that works in this case, or the kit in e real military issue green case that is smaller but much more rugged and made in the USA. 

Think about all the places you need to have your first aid kit securely stored in a place easily accessible- your vehicle, boat, in your garage, barn or shop, at work.... there are lots of places where these mounts can be used.
We are still running a special sale on one of the most  versatile 
items we have- 
Military Cam Buckle Straps. The video is below, make sure to check it out.

These straps were originally made for lashing a load to a pack frame, but they are so easy to adapt for other uses that they are a must have for your home, vehicles and other places. They are strong, quick, and easy to use and when locked down STAY THAT WAY! I have had items lashed down on vehicles that see lots of vibration running down the road for years without having to readjust or tighten them. Just some of the uses we and out customers have found:

-Securing gas cans and tool boxes to a vehicle or ATV. Work great on an existing roof rack or you can add simple Footman Loops anywhere to run these straps through.
-Wrapping around loads of firewood- you can lash together a big load and then carry it with one hand by the strap
-Lashing loads of lumber for easier transport
-Lashing tents and tent poles together when rolled up- especially if you have lost the cases
-Lashing tools down inside work vehicles
-Securing ammo cans in vehicles or on ATV racks
-Lashing treestands to a pack frame or to an ATV for transport
-Lashing rolls of carpet
-Lashing down tarps, chains and cribbing on your truck or trailer when not being used

We are sure you will think of lots of uses for them! Right now we have a 5 pack of them on sale for $9.25- that is less than $2 each. And make sure to choose USPS as your shipping option to get $2.95 flat rate shipping per pack. Click here to get yours while the sale is on. And trust us, order more than you think you want because you will keep finding new uses for them!

Check the video below to see how they work!

If you have a great idea how to use them or want to see other ideas from our customers check the post on our Facebook Page where people are sharing ideas.