Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth 

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October 2012



Hello Beautiful One,


With this New Moon, 

on Monday the 15th of October, we experience a level of re-birth.  More and more of the essence of Self comes forth and the local-self, dissipates as a result of your energy continually expanding.  


It's a great time to trust yourself even more deeply, believing in the eternal you continually shining forth, permeating all you are, punctuating each moment of presence, shining forth undeniably in ways you are more and more identified with and others who are tuned to higher frequencies, truly sense and feel.  


The time is here to concentrate your energies, to be even more conscious of your sovereignty and use this to accumulate and unite your energies, amplifying the radiance of peace, of self-unity.  

This is a powerful alignment for preparation for the rest of the year.  

Take time to be in stillness and see what aspects of your fire you are streaming elsewhere, feeling the need to do for others, rather than trusting in their own divine wisdom.  Draw your energy back into your own field, building your presence, amplifying and intensifying the light you weave. 



As we learn to lessen the ways we dissipate our energy, we begin to hum, to really soar energetically.


Know that not everyone is feeling this; depending on how their own evolution is unfolding, there will be many experiences taking place in people we love and meet.  Foster an ability to be as neutral and kind as possible.


Our compassion now and our ability to be a peaceful, gentle presence, is a powerful force of clarity in our changing world, an oasis of energetic sanity amidst so much change.  


Thank you for cultivating your presence so beautifully!


Love to you,