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Dec 2012 Lemurian Messages on Abundance
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 New Year, New Moon, New Seeds!





Dear friend,

The Moon is in the sign of Capricorn.

I have been guided lately by spirit and Lemurian guidance to work on sharing thoughts on abundance.

This New Moon Transmission will be about the energy of abundance. So plant seeds on this New Moon with abundant thoughts in mind and open to receive the abundant energies of this moon transmission.



For this moon transmission I will be creating a New Moon Ritual for good luck, abundance, prosperity, success for all of us.
Make sure you take the time to tune into this moon transmission on January 11, 2013 at 11:44 am PST.



Do whatever it takes to impress upon your subconscious mind as it can be your ally or your challenger/enemy.

So read the article I put together on how to create and work your abundance and prosperity corner. Each and every one of you should have at least one of this corners/altars, as the subconscious mind reacts in weird ways when it sees abundance symbols everyday.

So far our abundance corner served us very well and I want you to benefit from this powerful information as well.


Here is the link on How to Create your abundance Corner.












Last Moon Transmission and on Dec 21, 2012 we all received our individual codes, downloads and energetic new blueprints.

Perhaps some are more aware of them some are less.
Personally I felt a huge influx of energy the next days on Dec 22nd and Dec 23rd. I have noticed time slowed down, also wanted to sleep and rest more.


A lot of people are still purging and cleansing old energies. I hear so many people battling flu and wild viruses... Allow yourself to rest more and drink plenty of good water. Garlic and coconut oils are great 'flu fighters'.

Now it is time for integrating these energies and allow for transformation.

Nothing happens over night and as I mentioned before it will be a period of 8-12 years to see dramatic changes.

This year is a fresh start it is the Year of Goddess and it is important to tune into your divine feminine, we all have both regardless of gender.

When we integrate them both beautifully we tap into our powers easily, otherwise we struggle. Balance has been proven to be key in so many situations.

Check out the Abundance and Prosperity Teachings from Lemurians received during last Full Moon transmission.


Moon Blessings,

Lilly Natures Blessings



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