Sunday Newsletter | 6.3.18
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Weekly Newsletter
What To Expect This Sunday
Opening Song: You Are Good
Welcome: Stewart McWhorter
Worship Songs: Only King Forever, Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace), How Great Is Our God
Message: The Reverend Jimmy McIlrath
Message Title: God Of The Valley
Series: Greater
Prayer and Dismissal
Weekly Devotional
Every human being experiences valleys at one time or another during his or her life. Even though as Christians we know God cares about our suffering, many of us wonder at times why He allows it. I’m not very fond of valleys of suffering. I’d rather spend my life in mountain top experiences. And often, when I’ve gone through a season of suffering, it has been accompanied by many tears and questioning.

Sometimes my valleys are valleys of discouragement and loneliness. Sometimes they are valleys that I’ve created as a result of my sin against God. Other times they are valleys that I’ve been thrown into (painful migraines or other health issues, circumstances at work, unexpected expenses like car repairs, etc). What matters most is not what type of valley we find ourselves in, but rather, what we do when we’re in the valley. Do we complain, groan, and allow bitterness to enter our hearts? Certainly, these are natural feelings. But God can help us past these places. He can restore our souls in the valleys of life.

God’s glory often shines the brightest in the valleys of darkness. I think the reason for this is that as we stumble through valleys, we learn more of our own weakness. We realize in a tangible way that we are unable to save ourselves or muster up the strength to fix our situations. In the valleys of life, we learn that we need a Savior. So, our response is to look up. Look up to the One who planned your steps through this valley. Look up to the One whose glory is shining through your weakness. Look up to the Savior whose grace is greater than your sins, whose riches are infinitely more than your need, and who will never leave you hopeless in the valleys of life. As we look up to Him, our hearts will grow in gratefulness for His goodness to us.

You restore my soul. You guide me in the path of righteousness for your name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Psalm 23:3-4

  • Emily Riley

Join us this Sunday as we continue our discussion on how the Good Shepherd helps us through the valleys in life.
Fathers' Day - June 17th
Kickin' it old school!

Come on, you know our Dads "rocked" back in the day! Please take a moment to find some old photos of Ridge Dads and email them to us. We're looking to have a little fun on social media leading up to Fathers' Day Sunday.

If you have a photo that we can use, please email it to us:

Fathers' Day Sunday will be filled with great activities and surprises that all dads will enjoy!
Vote For The Ridge

Please take a minute and vote for The Ridge as this year's "Readers' Choice." (Located under the category "Services")

To place your vote: Click Here
Souled Out Parent Meeting: June 3rd (immediately following the 10:30am worship service). We will also pray over the students who are going on this trip during the 10:30 service.
Middle School Thanks
Big thanks to Jay Cannon, Kelly Gasser and Matt Hodges for teaching our middle school small groups this school year. We appreciate you!

The middle school group that meets during the 10:30 service each Sunday will take a break during the summer.

Please join us for Sweet Treats with Jesus that will meet on Tuesdays at our offices from 3:30-5:30pm.
New Student Summer Bible Study!
Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm

Our awesome intern, Morgan Waters, will be leading a summer Bible study on Tuesdays from 3:30-5:30. We will meet at the Ridge office, study God's Word, and then walk down to Freeze Frame for a treat. Please bring your Bible and $5 for dessert. Pick up will be at Freeze Frame.
CAMP 4:12 - Sign up TODAY!
Don't forget to register your kids for our amazing summer camp at Pine Eden in Hamilton, GA.

2nd - 4th Graders - June 24-28th

5th - 7th Graders - July 8-12th

If you register by May 27th and use the code RIDGE, the price is only $240. After May 27th it jumps to $270. Don't miss this awesome week of Biblical learning and camp fun! To register click here.
RidgeRunners Activity
Blueberry picking adventure coming soon! Our church family will head up to the blueberry patch near Callaway Gardens.

Stay tuned for more details.
RidgeRunners Pool Party

Join us for a splish-splashing day of fun after church on Sunday, June 10th, at Maple Ridge Pool off of Schomburg Rd.

Rising K-2nd Grade from 2-4pm

Rising 3rd-6th Grade from 4-6pm

Parents welcome too!
Current Sunday Series
Is God always great? What about those times of pain and suffering?

Even during difficult times, God wants to reassure us; He wants us to have hope and favor.

In this series, we learn how to have God’s favor in our lives by trusting Him, and we discover how God’s goodness is the answer to worry, regret, indecision, emotional pain, and fear through the twelve expressions of God’s goodness taught through the 23rd Psalm.
Upcoming Series
We all want more out of life.

But too often, obstacles stand between us and the full life God promises. They loom over us like giants blocking our path. These "giants" are real and they are ready to fight. We can either turn and run, or we can start slaying giants.
New Ministry
In times of crisis (like a death in the family, major illness, etc.) and times of great joy (birth or adoption of a child), people in our church are sometimes unable to provide healthy meals for themselves and their loved ones. The Ridge is forming a Team that will give our church family an opportunity to serve one another during these seasons of life.

To join this team: Click Here
June - RidgeRunners Theme

We've got TEAM RED, and we've got TEAM BLUE, and that means we've got some HEAD-TO-HEAD competition as your teams fight to claim victory. 

Whichever team has the most points at the end of this month gets to send the other team's Super Fan to the SLIME TANK on our SUPER SLIME SUNDAY!!! ARE YOU IN?
Rose Hill Ministry
The Ridge is in charge of feeding the homeless every second Tuesday of the month. All meals are served at Rose Hill Church on Hamilton Road.

Our next service date is June 12th at 5pm.

Please email us if you would like more information: .
New Car Stickers

Make sure you represent your church family with a new Ridge car decal! If you missed getting one last Sunday, we have more at the information station. See Mrs. Shannon for one this Sunday!
Good Works Project
A few weeks back we asked The Ridge Church to help us come up with some ideas for ways to Do Good in our community. We were thinking (and hoping) we would get 10-15 “projects” that we could all rally around in the coming weeks. What we didn’t expect was SEVENTY FIVE (actually more are coming in every day)! Just pick one (or several) and "Do Something Good this week."

To view the list: Click here .
Miracle Capital Campaign
We were amazed with the outcome of our first Capital Campaign! God is so good. We're closer than ever to having a permanent home!

If you missed out on making a commitment to the campaign but would still like to participate, there's still time! Click here to make a pledge.
Saved People Serve People
Are you interested in being a part of a serving team on Sunday mornings? Here are some of the ways to get plugged in:
*Safety Team. *Greeters. *Parking Lot Party. *RidgeRunners. *Student Ministry. *Worship. 
*Setup/Teardown Team. 

Registration: Click Here
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