September 17-20, 2018, Toronto 
October 9-12, 2018, Boston

Don't miss your opportunity to become a certified facilitator of The Organization Workshop!

With this workshop you can supercharge your ability to support individuals, teams, and entire organizations to truly thrive and reach their highest level of engagement. You will learn how to help them see the power in human systems and unleash their ability to develop powerful partnerships up, down and across the organization.

If you're eager to learn to deliver The Organization Workshop (OW) for your clients, then check out one of these certification sessions.  The OW is based on Barry Oshry's seminal work on human system dynamics, and is used by organizations worldwide. The OW unleashes the understanding, the trust, and the energy to develop partnership and high performance across all levels and functions.

Become a catalyst to help your clients benefit from the shift to "system sight" that only this experiential, time-tested workshop provides.

Why Should You Attend?
At the flipchart
  • To leverage the power of human systems
  • To build the understanding and empathy needed to create partnership throughout the organization.
  • To unlock stalled energy and creativity to make the system more productive.
  • Understand human systems at a deeper level.
  • Expand your tool kit with all the variations the  OW provides.
  • Enhance your own effectiveness in working up, down and across the organization.
  • Become part of a global network of people committed to developing  "system sight".
There may be no better time to get involved in bringing "system sight" to our organizations, governments, educational systems and non-profits.

The Organization Workshop is the human systems leadership development program of choice for organizations and institutions around the world. Seats in each certification are limited.  Contact us with questions or to reserve a place in one of them.


Jeff Boudro, Executive Director
Power+Systems, Inc.