Newsletter - December 1, 2017

There aren’t many people who combine two distinct careers, both at the very highest level. But Rahul Mehrotra manages to runs a successful architecture firm in India and is also senior faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

In this episode, the first in our series of short interviews with South Asia-focused Harvard faculty, Professor Mehrotra talks about an exhibition of his architectural work, his future plans and also India’s severe housing problems.

"Now, with the resurgence of nationalism in many parts of the world, there is even more impetus to understand the origin, impact and complexity of nationalisms in South Asia, and their connection to migrations, which is a major human experience and a shaper of modernity."

Nabil Khan , Visiting Scholar
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" Ghastly air pollution and the nation's inability to control filth, garbage and sewage " are making headlines worldwide. How can democracy and dissent work together to change climate politics?

Sunita Narain, Environmentalist and writer

Follow Jinah Kim's Seminar class as they take over the @lmasiharvard Instagram. The Women in South Asian Art exhibition at Harvard Art Museums features goddesses, women in action, and erotic images as politically charged objects.
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"Bengaluru’s infrastructure is an embarrassment. Good economic policy will tell you that the public goods have to be provided by the state - roads, power and security."

Tarun Khanna, Director of LMSAI and HBS Professor
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Hosted by the Harvard Pakistani Student Group
December 3, 2017: 7-10pm
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Speaker: Todd Lewis , College of the Holy Cross
December 4, 2017: 4pm
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