Last fall during budget season, former Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy made a commitment to me that he would get more police for the 19th Police District for 2016. The chart below compares 2015 and 2016 staffing levels. I will continue to push for more officers, specifically to bring back the foot patrols on Wilson. 
New Safety Markers at Montrose Beach
Many of you expressed concerns that when you called 911 while in Lincoln Park along the lake, thatit was difficult for the police to know exactly where to go. We now have permanent markers in place, which will guide the police to the area where someone has requested assistance. Should you call 911 at the lakefront, you can use the marker number for the operator to identify your location. 

Other Ongoing Safety Initiatives
  • Years ago, I helped establish an Apartment Managers Group that continues to meet on a regular basis. Residential buildings with a history of public safety issues in and around their properties attend these meetings. At these meetings, we discuss best practices for better building management and ways to enhance security. 
  • Three years ago, I established a task force of concerned citizens, law enforcement agencies and businesses that focused on the intersection of Sheridan and Lawrence. Within 8 months of the establishment of this group, crime at that intersection dropped 80%. In the past year, we have added a similar task force for the Wilson business corridor that runs between Sheridan and Racine and also includes the 4600 block of N. Broadway. Businesses have been trained to make more frequent and more effective 911 calls and we follow up with them to make sure they are making these calls. The 19th District Police also provide local businesses with guidance to implement strategies to reduce criminal activity in front of their buildings. 
  • Another strategy that is working well in our neighborhoods to increase public safetyI've met with a number of different neighborhood groups to encourage them to create a 911 calling tree. When they see illegal activity, they call 911 and instruct their neighbors to do the same. These calls help us document the need for more police and also help us flag buildings that have illegal activity in and around their property. 
  • Last fall, we used menu funds to put in 5 additional camera pods in areas where we have had some drug activity. The police have informed me that they have been useful with gathering evidence needed to find perpetrators and make arrests.
  • Ed Kuske, the Court Advocate Chair for the 20th Police District and Richard Thale, the Court Advocate Chair for the 19th Police District always need Court Advocate volunteers to stand with victims of crime during a trial. This provides both support to the victim and it sends a clear message to the judge that the community won't tolerate criminal behavior. If you would like to volunteer, call 312-742-8770 for the 20th Police District and 312-744-0064 for the 19th Police District. Click here for more information about Court Advocacy.
  • Lastly, besides my involvement with CAPS, I have been meeting with neighborhood groups to provide more education about the crime in their area, the steps that are being taken, and brainstorm ideas about what they can do to help reduce crime on their block. Click here to find more information about CAPS in your area.
There are a multitude of ways we can all work together to reduce crime. Working together, we can really make a difference.



Residents with any questions or concerns are strongly encouraged to meet with Ald. Cappleman every Monday evening from 5pm - 7pm. Larger residential buildings and neighborhood organizations can contact the office to set up a time where Ald. Cappleman can meet with them as well.

Due to the April 1st Day of Action, the Chicago Public Schools will be offering a contingency plan for students. Click here to register for another convenient location to send your child.

The Wilson L construction is now 40% completed, with Phase 2 officially underway with the opening of the new platform for southbound passengers. It was exciting to be one of the first CTA passengers to enter on the new platform on Monday at 5am. Click here for more details.

Due to the City's TIF Task Force delay in approving the use of TIF funds for the Broadway streetscape project, construction is expected to begin in the late summer. Plans will include the addition of an outdoor plaza in front of the Riviera. Completion is expected to in 2017. Click here to view plans.

The 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee met last Tuesday and overwhelmingly approved the development proposal where the vacant gas station is located. Neighbors directly east of the proposal and East Lakeview Neighbors also overwhelmingly approved the development. At the request of neighbors, the height on the east side of the building was lowered. The development will now go before the City's Zoning Committee for approval and then to the full City Council for a vote. Click here for more information about the recent revisions made for this development.

Street sweeping begins in April. Click here to find out the 2016 dates for street sweeping on your street. On the day of street sweeping, cars that are still parked on the street after 9am will be ticketed.

If you have a smart phone, you can get a text that will remind you to move your car. Click here for more information.


When: Wednesday, March 30 from 7pm - 9pm
Where: Galvin Auditorium in Sullivan Center at Loyola University, 6339 N. Sheridan Rd.
Sponsored by State Sen. Heather Steans, State Sen. Andy Manar, State Rep Kelly Cassidy, and Ald. Harry Osterman, this will be a forum to discuss the educational funding issues facing the State of Illinois.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 12 at Noon
Tool Pick-up: Friday, April 15 from 7am to 1pm and Saturday, April 16 from 7am to Noon
Clean & Green: Saturday, April 16
Tool Return: Saturday, April 16 from Noon to 3pm and Monday, April 18 from 7am to 1pm
Clean & Green is an opportunity for neighbors, school groups, and community block clubs to team up together to clean and beautify areas in their neighborhood. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Public Safety Meetings
When & Where: Click here. There are changes for 2016.
Residents with concerns about public safety are encouraged to attend a CAPS meeting in their area. Efforts to promote public safety in our neighborhood works best when we have the police, residents, businesses, schools, places of worship, non-profits, and my office all working together.

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