December 15, 2016
PreCollege Interventions Help  Increase 
College Readiness, Reduce Remediation
Higher Ed for Higher Standards is releasing a new alignment policy brief, Lessons Learned from Tennessee SAILS. This series is designed to elevate best practices and inform higher education leaders of emerging collaborations with K-12. See a short summary of the brief below or go to our website to read the latest issue that presents a closer look at how one model of targeted precollege interventions, TN SAILS,  helps increase college readiness and reduce remediation.
Now offered at all 13 community colleges throughout the state,  TN SAILS  began as a local high school & community college collaboration designed to increase the number of students who are college ready by using  11th  grade assessment results to target students that have not achieved college readiness benchmarks. Using a blended learning model co-designed by K-12 teachers and higher education faculty, TN SAILS introduces the college developmental curriculum into the high school senior year, allowing students to fill gaps in their learning before they arrive on campus.

Click here to learn more about the key ingredients that allowed TN SAILS to be successfully scaled through strong partnerships with K-12 and higher ed to serve over 50,000 students since its inception in 2012. 

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Higher Ed for Higher Standards' latest policy brief will help higher education leaders: