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Need Parts for your rugged old New Process NP205 Transfer Case?  We have the most complete inventory of new, genuine, USA Made New Process Gear NP205 4x4 transfer case parts in the world. Genuine New Process gears and shafts feature outstanding fit, finish, and durability so critical to high-performance NP205 applications and are unequaled for performance under the most rigorous operating conditions. For your less demanding NP205 Transfer Case installations, check out our selection of good quality, low cost, aftermarket replacement parts. Our aftermarket parts will give great service for many NP205 applications, but if you are running a Cummins Diesel or really souped-up gas engine in front of your 205, we strongly recommend you stick with our  Torque King ®  genuine New Process gears, shafts, and parts for maximum performance and life.
Bearing, Seal, and Gasket Master Overhaul Kits
with Small Parts and Shims
TK2000 Series Torque King® Master NP205 Overhaul Kits are the highest quality and most complete NP205 overhaul kit available for your rugged New Process NP205 transfer case bar none. Your  Torque King ® NP205 Master Overhaul Kit will be custom assembled here in Montana using the best quality bearings, seals, gaskets, and small parts available for your exact NP205 application. Kits are assembled with the correct components for your specific NP205. 
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  Chevy/GMC Dodge/IHC Ford  to see the available Kits.
NP205 Service Manual
TM2000 Printed NP205 Transfer Case Technical Service Manual  Complete NP205 Shop Manual with over 375 full color photographs is your indispensable NP205 resource for Repair Procedures and Parts Identification. Complete coverage of Disassembly, Inspection, and Reassembly Procedures, plus Shop Notes, Tool Recommendations, Complete Parts Guide, and full color Exploded Views; including Right Drop and Left Drop Models, and GM Specific Parts. Covers New Process NP205 Transfer Cases found in Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, and International Harvester (IHC) 4x4 vehicles from 1969-1993. $39.98
Premium Seal and Gasket Kits
TK2051/TK2052/TK2062/TK2113 Torque King® Premium Quality Complete Gasket and Seal Kits  for 1969-1991 Chevy and GMC New Process NP205 gear drive transfer cases.
Starting at $94.98
TK2024/TK2039/TK2054 Torque King® Premium Quality Complete Gasket and Seal Kits  for 1969-1993 Dodge and 1969-1975 International New Process NP205 gear drive transfer cases.
 Starting at $79.98
TKA2002 Torque King® NP205 Input Gasket and Seal Set  For 1989 Dodge W250, W350 Diesel trucks with manual transmissions features original equipment quality Mounting Gaskets and Transfer Case Input Seal. $23.98
TK2039/TK2058 Torque King® Premium Quality Complete Gasket and Seal Kits  for 1973-1979 Ford Direct Mount New Process NP205 gear drive transfer cases.
 Starting at $79.98
Input/Output Shaft Kits
QK2007 32 Spline Front Output Shaft Kit  For NP205 transfer cases can be used to replace the weak 30 spline output on 1979-81 GM 205 transfer cases or to replace a worn 32 spline shaft from Dodge, Ford, and GM models. Kit includes 32 Spline Front Output Shaft, Seal, Spline Seal, Thrust Washer Drive Pin, Output Flange Gasket, Rear Cover Gasket, Nut, and Threadlocker. $217.95
TK2001 29 Spline Input Shaft Kit  For NP205. Genuine New Process 29 spline replacement input shaft for 1989-1993 W250/350 trucks with Cummins Diesel engines and 5-speed manual transmissions. A popular retrofit for other 205 models to mate to NV4500 and NV5600 29 spline output shaft 4x4 transmissions. Kit includes 29 Spline Shaft, 29 Spline Female Coupler, Input Bearing, Seal, Snap Ring, and a Complete  Torque King ® Gasket Set. $408.65
Output Yoke Kits
QK2084 1330 Series Rear Output Yoke Kit  for many 1970's Ford NP205 rear output applications. Can be used to upgrade any Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, or International NP205 Transfer Case with 32 spline remote input or front/rear output shafts having smaller series output yokes to couple with 1330 series universal joints. $94.98
QK2016 NP205 1410 Series Rear Output Yoke Kit  for all 1989-1993 Dodge 4x4 trucks with the Cummins Diesel Engine. Can be used to upgrade any Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, or International NP205 Transfer Case with 32 spline remote input or front/rear output shafts having smaller series output yokes to couple with beefy 1410 series universal joints. $160.69
Small Pa rts and Small Parts Kits
QU30090 Shift Lever Pivot Bolt  for 1972-1991 GM New Process NP205 transfer cases. Bolt is drilled and tapped for optional 1/4"-28 grease fitting. $69.98
QA10528 29 Spline Coupler Sleeve is used with 1989 to 1993 Dodge Ram W250 and W350 4x4 trucks with the Cummins Turbo-Diesel and Getrag G360 5 speed manual transmission. This Female Spline Coupler transmits power from the 29 spline male transmission output shaft to the 29 spline male NP205 input shaft. The Coupler is grooved in the center for a pre-installed snap ring which keeps the Coupler centered on the two shafts. $103.65
QU90002 Male Double Terminal Replacement Pigtail for Weatherproof Switches  has 22" long 16 gauge wires protected by plastic loom. The two pin male terminal fits many Chevy, Dodge, and GMC indicator switch applications with twin female pins such as  QU30048  NP205 Indicator Switch. $20.98
TKA2053 9 Piece NP205 Idler Shim Kit  Contains an assortment of shims from 0.004" to 0.040" for precise adjustment of your NP205 Idler Gear end-play. Precision stamped and de-burred shims have the correct ID/OD to clear the idler shaft and idler bearing cage. $38.70
QA2060/QA2061 Complete Small Parts Kits  Includes 4 Low Gear Thrust Washers, Snap Rings, 143 Needle Bearings, Pilot Bearing Thrust Plate, Detent Springs, Detent balls, 2 Roll Pins, 2 Bearing Spacers, 8 Access Hole Plugs, and 2 Anti-Rotation Pins. The most complete Small Parts Kits on the market! 
Starting at $74.98
QK2168 Set of 6 New Flange Head PTO Cover Bolts  with factory applied Threadlocker are genuine New Process  QU10245  original equipment bolts that will fit NP205 Transfer Cases with SAE Pattern, 6 Bolt Stamped Steel PTO Covers. Set includes 6 short, matched, 3/8" coarse thread bolts. Bolts have hex, flanged heads. $11.45
QU20009 Ford NP205 7 Tooth Transfer Case Speedo Gear   Fits 1973-1979 Ford New Process NP205 gear drive Transfer Cases with rear output shafts having speedo gear drive splines. $65.00
QU30091 Speedometer Adapter Nut  for many NP205 GM transfer cases. $64.98
Super Duper Whiz-Bang Tool of the Month
QT1115 Dana 44 Differential Side Bearing Installer for all Dana-Spicer Model 44 front or rear axles. QT1115 features a raised internal ring that contacts the bearing inner face so you can press or drive your diff bearings on without damaging the cage. 5/8" center hole accepts our QT1100 or QT1116 Driver Handles or any other driver with a 5/8" pilot. Made in U.S.A. $34.98
— NP205 History —
Chrysler's New Process Gear of Syracuse, New York manufactured the rugged and reliable NP205 gear drive transfer case for 1969 to 1993 model year Full-size 4x4's. It was offered with both remote mount and direct mount configurations. Right Drop 205 cases were used by Dodge from 1969 to 1993 and by GM from 1969 to 1991. Ford used left drop cases from 1973 through 1979. International used right drop 205 remote mount transfer cases from 1969 until light truck production ceased in 1975. A number of 205 parts also fit NP200 cases in 1967-1969 Jeep 1¼ ton M715, M725, M726 series military trucks and the NP200 and 201 cases found in older Dodge and International trucks.
The NP205 is a cast iron, gear drive transfer case with a 1:1 high range and a 1.96:1 low range. It is considered by many to be the strongest transfer case ever factory installed in one ton and smaller 4x4's. The basic design of the 205 remained unchanged throughout its production history with the exception of synchronized front output shaft briefly used by GM in the early 1980's. The synchronized version was intended to provide shift-on-the-fly 4x4 capability with automatic locking hubs. Unfortunately, it didn't really work out as intended, and GM canceled the production contract almost immediately, but they were obligated to take enough units to pay for New Process's tooling costs. Most synchronized 205's are in the 1982 to 1983 model year GM 1 tons, however, GM still had enough transfer cases on hand to apparently offer it as an option on 1-ton trucks for several more years. The last production vehicle to use the NP205 was the 1993 Dodge pickup equipped with the Cummins Diesel engine. During the 1990's a good number of Chevy and GMC C3500 4x2 1 Ton trucks were converted to 4x4 for fleet use until the supply of brand new NP205 transfer cases dried up in the mid-1990's. The NP205 can also be found in some types of specialized construction and off road equipment.
Due to its versatility and wide use in so many applications over so many years, there are a number of factory variants of the NP205, plus a host of customized units. While most original equipment parts are still available from us as of 2010, identifying the exact part needed for a repair may take some sleuthing.
As a sad note to the history of New Process Gear and the NP205 Transfer Case, this news hit the wires in February 2009: Magna Corporation, the Aurora, Canada based company that bought New Process from Chrysler, announced it was closing the New Process Gear plant in East Syracuse, New York after the plants UAW workforce rejected a contract that would have cut the hourly wage to the mid teens. Production of new assemblies has been largely relocated to Mexico, while at least some parts production for older units is taking place in Muncie, Indiana.
The company that became New Process Gear in 1913 was started in 1888 as New Process Rawhide. It would later become part of Chrysler, be the New in New Venture Gear, (the joint venture between Chrysler and GM), revert back to Daimler Chrysler and finally end up becoming part of Magna (although Chrysler still owned the plant itself).
Besides the NP205, NPG produced the widely used NP435 4 speed transmission and a host of other transmissions and transfer cases through the many years of gearbox production in Syracuse.