June 17, 2015

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Engineering Consulting Services

Providing graphical user interface enabling the monitoring of geothermal energy systems.


IT Support

Providing hands-on desktop support system and network management .



Supply Chain Management Services

Creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure,

& synchronizing supply
with demand.
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Funding Opportunities for Manufacturers

  • Money for Training
  • Money for Equipment
  • Money for Environmental
  • Money for Property
For more information on funding opportunities, contact John MacEnroe at 845-391-8214 ext. 3004 or john.macenroe@hvtdc.org.
Join Our Growing Supply Chain Initiative

The Hudson Valley supply chain has quadrupled in the last year and continues to grow at a 10% rate each month. Don't miss out on igniting supply chain growth for your business.

For more information on supply chain, contact John MacEnroe at 845-391-8214 ext. 3004 or john.macenroe@hvtdc.org.

professional 3D Print and Design Services to Businesses and Entrepreneurs in the Mid-Hudson Valley

The HVAMC contracts with regional businesses and individuals to supply 3D design and fabrication services.


In just the last 3 months since becoming operational, HVAMC has worked with almost 20 different businesses and individuals on design and print projects, ranging from electronics enclosures to a bouquet holder to industrial venting systems.


For more information, contact HVTDC at 845-391-8214 or Everton H. Henriques at everton@hvtdc.org.

MEP - Innovation: The What, The How, RIGHT NOW!

Bring Your Ideas To Life With HVTDC


HVTDC offers computer-aided design services coupled with 3-D printing to help you explore your idea and bring it to the marketplace or to the patent office.


Call John MacEnroe 

 at 845-391-8214 x 3004


Cornell Center for Materials Research

CCMR Fall, 2015 JumpStart Applications Now Open for NYS Small Businesses:

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CCMR Shared Facilities:

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CCMR Industrial Collaboration Program (ICP):

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CCMR Startup-Facilities program:

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Cornell BEST:
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Cornell Technology Acceleration & Maturation:
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NYSERDA Biomimicry Program:
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Take a look at these real world success stories!

For more information, email industry@ccmr.cornell.edu


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Newburgh, NY 12550

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New Product, New Engineers

EAW Electronic Systems, Inc., a Poughkeepsie design engineering and contract manufacturer for electronic and electro-mechanical assembly, is on the verge of introducing an innovative building automation system called the EMC 20/20. The new technology, used to control a building's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, will support industry standard communication and revolutionize a vendor's heat computer product.


As production of the EMC 20/20 concludes, commencement ceremonies were held a few miles across the Hudson River at Old Main Quad on the picturesque campus of State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz. Knowing full well the endless hours of probing and searching on Indeed and Monster awaiting them, graduates embraced the celebratory atmosphere upon reception of their degrees.


However, for Adam Secovnie, RJ Pisano, and Mike Papesca, that celebratory mood has continued to this day, thanks to their internship with the Hudson Valley Technology Development Center. With HVTDC, Adam, RJ, and Mike not only obtained hands-on training over the past year to round out their education, but they worked as engineers behind the creation of the EMC 20/20. Read more.

Lighting Manufacturer's Investment in Employees Pays off Big

Congratulations to Lighting Services Inc (LSI) on completing their Lean White Belt training and implementation. On Thursday, May 28, LSI staff celebrated the achievement with a certificate ceremony following a comprehensive six month Lean Kaizen training program.


The hands-on approach, combined with actual implementation, not only provided staff with the training and education, but an improvement in time and resource management. Thanks to a new assembly cell, the Stony Point lighting manufacturer is able to react quickly to their customer base with significantly increased throughput, reduced waste and per piece labor, and a 75% reduction in product cycle time. This has enabled them to strengthen and maintain their leadership position within the lighting industry. Read more.

The Organizational Keys to Managing Complex Supply Chains


Management trends often follow a life cycle where once new concepts are widely adopted; organizations and individuals evolve their practices to ensure compliance, sometimes to an extreme level. The thinking goes like this: when roles and responsibilities and goals are narrowly enough defined, individuals can be held fully accountable for both compliance to agreed policies and processes and to the performance goals set for their own work efforts.


It sounds logical enough, for sure, but there are inherent performance risks once this trend begins. The design of every role, responsibility, goal and metric reflects insights and assumptions about the business environment and the overarching strategy of the organization. Unfortunately, both the business environment and organizational strategies inevitably continue to evolve, often at an increasingly rapid pace. Read more

Chapter 1: The World is Open for Your Business


Selling globally is easier than ever, for any size company. The latest figures show big increases in the number of small and medium-sized U.S. companies exporting to at least one international market, as well as in the value of goods and services exported. Global trade in goods and services is growing, with new trade agreements being introduced and renegotiated, others at advanced stages of negotiation, and some combining with existing agreements to greatly expand export opportunities around the world. Read more.
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Manufacturing Trivia of the Month
Mondelez International emerged in 2012 when Kraft Foods Inc. separated into two companies. According to the new company, the term Mondelez evokes the idea of what?

A.  "good food"
B.  "delicious edibles"
C.  "delicious world"
D.  "feed the world"

Scroll down to see the answer!

Hudson Valley Pathways Academy Offering IT and Advanced Manufacturing Programs to High School Students 


Is Your Child on the Right Path for College & Career?
Is your son or daughter a diamond in the rough who struggles in a traditional school setting but would shine in a new and innovative learning environment? Are his or her college dreams at risk? 
How can Hudson Valley Pathways Academy help?
Hudson Valley Pathways can help your child get both their high school diploma and a college education at no cost to their family while gaining the skills they need for work, plus make valuable connections with employers that put them first in line for jobs.

Learn more.
This Day In History

June 17, 1898:  The United States Navy Hospital Corps is established.

June 17, 1980:  Atari's "Asteroids" and "Lunar Lander" are the first two video games to be copyright registered.
Quote of the Month

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."
~ President Abraham Lincoln
Ma nufacturing Trivia of the Month

Answer:  C
("delicious world")

"Monde" is from the Latin word for "world," and "delez" is a fanciful expression for "delicious."

Upcoming Events


Thursday, June 18 from 1 pm - 2 pm: The U.S. Small Business Administration Columbus District Office will present a free webinar for small business owners and entrepreneurs through ATT Connect. This webinar will provide information about financing options for your business; SBA loans, programs and services; how to apply for a loan; and, what to include in your business plan.

Tuesday, June 23: bring your projects forward to the NYS Regional Economic Development Center and learn how to apply for the Consolidated Funding Application. Click here for more info.
Wednesday, June 24 from 8:30 am - 11:45 am at SUNY New Paltz: A thought-provoking discussion of the regional economy today and what STEaM education will mean for the region's future.

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