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ConcordTV Weekly E-Newsletter                                   April 12, 2016    

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Concord Firefighters



New Science Café

Self-driving cars

New programs coming to ConcordTV 
Watch On the Marquee, ConcordTV Kids, Tide Talk, and ConcordTV Firefighters Awards

On the Marquee
Tide Talk
ConcordTV Kids 

Get the Word Out!
Create Your Own Bulletin Board Slide for ConcordTV!

ConcordTV Bulletin Board 
Bulletin Board plays on Channel 6, 17 and 22 when there is no scheduled program.  It's a great way to publicize a non-profit announcement - and the best part about it is it's entirely free!   It's an excellent method to get information out about events, charities, non-profit (non-commercial) announcements, city information, or whatever else you want to get out in the public. 
For complete information go to:

Build Multimedia Skills with ConcordTV Classes! 

Have an idea for a class or workshop?
Contact our Training Coordinator at
with any ideas!

Field Production Workshop 
  Learn how to set up professional video, audio, and lighting equipment as we set up for an actual production! A great workshop for those wanting to see the complete step-by-step process of a production shoot.

Thurs., June 2nd
cost: $50 
Upcoming Classes 

Intro to Camera
Tuesday, May 3rd
6 to 8pm
cost: $40

For a full class and workshop schedule
visit our Training Page

Take our Intro and Advanced Camera and Editing classes (4 total) to receive your ConcordTV Certificate of Completion and get 20% off the regular total cost. 
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Concord Community TV (ConcordTV) is a nonprofit organization, incorporated in 1998, to manage Concord New Hampshire's Community Media Center, and its three local cable TV channels: Channel 6 - Educational Channel ;Channel 17 - Government Channel ; Channel 22 - Public Access Channel.

ConcordTV's mission is to help Concord residents, and nonprofits that serve the Concord area, learn how to: create video content that helps them "tell their stories; " and distribute their content locally on the station's community TV channels and on internet marketing platforms.

Concord TV provides: on-air Community Bulletin Board for local groups and non-profit organizations to publicize meetings and events; Live coverage of Concord City Council, Planning Board and Zoning Board meetings;Coverage of Concord School Board meetings; Coverage of community events; Classes in Camera, Editing and Studio production; Equipment and facilities for certified producers.