New programs at Tomahawk!
There is always new and exciting changes happening at Tomahawk! Here's a few of the big ones for you to check out. To see all the new and different features, click the button below!
Merit Badge Mornings

All merit badge blocks will be in the mornings now! Badges will start at 8:45am and 10:40am. Lunch is moving 15 minutes back to 12:45 pm. With the afternoon open for activities Tomahawk will be able to provide more Logging Camp opportunities, group shooting sports activities, and group activities around the Welcome Center. It also allows 13 year Scouts to take a full merit badge in the morning and participate in the Explore High Adventure Program in the afternoon.
New Afternoon programs

Most Merit Badges will be completed in the mornings, but Sailing will still be in the afternoons when the wind is better. If you've competed 7th grade or are 13 years old, you can sign up for the Scouts Set Sail program along side all the other older scout programs here.

Horsemanship and Animal Science Merit Badges are combined in the new Ranch Hands program! Like Sailing, this all-morning program is available for scouts who finished  7th grade or are 13 years old, and the signups are also here.
Sea Kayaking

We also have a new Apostle Islands Sea Kayaking High Adventure trip available! If you're at least 14 or have completed 8th grade you can sign up! Participants will be gone Sunday through Thursday, and must be strong swimmers. Unlike other High Adventure programs, registration is available now! More info about the trip can be found here.

Register Here!
Clout Archery

Want to step up your archery game? Shoot at a huge target on the ground 130 yards away! Different colored arrows help you tell which ones you shot and helps you compare your score against your buddies.
Full Payment is due June 1st

This change is to give Tomahawk a better idea of how many people to expect and to be consistent in billing timelines across all Northern Star Council Camps. This includes adults. There is still a $25 youth deposit due April 15th. Each unit will receive a billing worksheet via mail in May to turn in with check. Trading post and other incidental charges can still be paid for upon checkout.
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