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Love and Mayhem
Luanna Stewart
Digital Price: 4.99  
Release Date: 2017-08-11

Sybil is happily on the shelf, tending to her sheep. But she fears she'll depart this life without experiencing physical love, which she suspects is rather enjoyable. When her long-lost fiancé returns from sea, she decides he's the lucky man who'll receive her virginity.

Max is eager to return to his sugar plantation and has no intention of remaining in London. However, he didn't bargain on a wilful, pretty, exasperating spinster determined to take him to her bed.

He insists on marriage, but she wants only his body. Her heart is not part of the deal. Unfortunately, love doesn't always follow the rules.

Sin City Mystic
Rick Newberry 
Digital Price: 4.99
Release Date: 2017-08-11

Adam Steel is desperate. Born a Giant Irish Wolfhound with the ability to become human, he only wants to lead a normal life with the woman he loves. But the love of his life, Dixie Mulholland, is cursed to live as a canine.
Dixie is resigned to her fate, which means a drastically reduced lifespan. Adam is determined to remove her curse, no matter the cost-and everything in Vegas comes at a cost. In his quest for a cure, Adam ignites a war between good and evil, threatening to open the gates of Hell and unleash The Devil himself.
With the help of very special friends, Adam and Dixie frantically race against time to save the city from evil's reign. In the end, Adam questions his ability to lead the life he craves as he uncovers the heinous truth buried below Sin City. 

Fair Play
Nadine Monaco  
Digital Price: 4.99  
Release Date: 2017-08-11

Steroids put an end to Jack Montgomery's superstar basketball career, and the scandal left his life in shreds. Three years later, he's on the comeback trail. He has one last chance to make it right.

PR hotshot Jannine O'Connor won't fall for his crap again. Jack betrayed her trust once, and she doesn't believe in second chances. But she's running the publicity campaign for Jack's basketball team-a huge stepping stone in her career-and his comeback needs to take front and center for both of them.

For the sake of the team, she agrees to be friends and put it all behind them. But Jack wants more than friendship. Can Jannine forgive the past and risk her heart one more time?

Mike Owens  
Digital Price: 5.99  
Release Date: 2017-08-11

Somehow, it's always about the money. Sharon Saluda, in her junior year at Pisgah College, doesn't have nearly enough of it, and a diploma is her ticket out of the narrow confines of small town life in Jacob's Bluff, NC. A career as a stripper seems a promising solution, but when that ends badly, a desperate Sharon capitalizes on that most basic of needs-sex-by matching up college coeds with faculty clientele.
Her job description takes a dramatic uptick when Connor Shaw arrives and wants her as his own-for a very good price, of course. She takes the plunge, body and soul, because this man is gorgeous, ridiculously wealthy, and the sex is out of this world. But there's always a catch...right? 

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