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Saving Shelby Summers
Margaret Sutherland
Digital Price: 4.99  
Release Date: 2017-07-26

Australian Shelby Summers struggles with traumas from her past. She's rescued from death by a mysterious stranger, but is her luck about to change or will the past prevent her from living a life filled with love?

Widower Nathan Monroe hopes to get a fresh start for himself and his young daughter when he leaves his rural veterinary practice and moves to the city. Dealing with the challenges of a new job, a new home, and a traumatized four-year-old are more than he can handle alone.

Maybe a dramatic meeting will be just the catalyst each needs to heal from the scars of the past and work together to build a new life.

She Went Above and Beyond
Dorlon L. Pond Jr.
Digital Price: 4.99
Release Date: 2017-07-26

When Kathy Dugan dies during a bank robbery, she wakes up at the Pearly Gates. There, Gideon, an angel, asks her to reflect on her past life. Her childhood is a tale of abuse by her parents and a stint in juvenile hall. But when she lands in the home of a rich doctor and his wife, things take an abrupt U-turn. Despite Kathy's part in an attempted robbery at her new home, the doctor and his wife refuse to press charges.

Her life takes another turn, this time for the better. She is reunited with her sister, helps with funding for research for Cerebral Palsy, and after joining the army, is wounded.  Kathy may have gotten off to a bad start to begin with, but she has tried to live a life to help others.

But will the good deeds she's enacted be enough to convince Gideon to open the gates for Kathy to begin her eternal life?

The Pencil Sharpener
D.S. Lucas
Digital Price: 1.99  
Release Date: 2017-07-26

Change is hard for Mitzi Miller, a spunky, elderly widow who misses her house and the way things used to be. After her husband dies, she regretfully sells the fixer-upper she owned for half-a-century. Mitzi is still homesick nearly five years later.

On her seventy-sixth birthday, she grants her own wish to return "home" with a bizarre request for an old pencil sharpener she left behind. There she embarks on a nostalgic journey led by her memories and the new owner's bouncy dog.

Can this visit bring Mitzi the closure she needs to help her move on? 

Tied In Knots
LJ Vickery 
Digital Price: 5.99  
Release Date: 2017-07-26

Absu, god of sweet water, was afraid for the first time since he'd been accused of destroying an entire village and then exiled from the Overworld to an immortal compound on the East Coast for his crimes centuries ago. The tempting sister of his brother-in-arms is clearly his mate but, in his mind, she's a complete innocent. His dominant side roars to be unleashed, but the consequences could be devastating if he loses control again. His primal self craves her as his Chosen, but marking her now could scare her away forever. Losing her to his inner beast or an ill-fated prophesy is not an option.

Charlene Dunsky is anything but meek. Most days, however, this young chef prefers to remain submissive to the strong alpha male she believes she's found in the handsome hulk who has befriended her brother and shares her love of food. Charlie never thought she'd find the perfect Dom after her failed marriage, but Absu shows all the signs of a proper caveman, if he will just stop treating her like fine porcelain and claim her as the prophesy threatening the group in the Blue Hills demands.

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