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Hour (Carol Ann Duffy)

English Teaching Resources: Hour (Carol Ann Duffy)

Hour is a 40 slide Powerpoint analysis of the poem Hour by Carol Ann Duffy and an accompanying 10 page worksheet booklet.

English Teaching Resources: Hour includes:
  • A brief biography of Carol Ann Duffy
  • Analysis of the poem and discussion of ideas and consolidation
  • Structure & language - Discuss how Duffy uses structure and analysis of imagery.
  • Style and form - Analysis of Duffy's style and form and the use of poetic devices in the poem.
  • Language - Exploration of word choices, using P.E.E to write about the poem.
  • Themes of Hour explored, consolidation of meaning and purpose.
  • Links - Where to find further information and analysis about the poet and film clips of the fairy stories of King Midas and Rumplestiltskin.
  • 40 slide PowerPoint .
  • 10 worksheets to accompany the PowerPoint.
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