Announcing a New Program
Sustainability-Aligned Leadership and Strategy 
Mini MBA™


A company cannot claim to be a sustainable company unless every function of the company is aligned on the sustainability journey. The Rutgers Mini-MBA: Sustainability-Aligned Leadership and Strategy program is designed for business leaders and managers in every function-from manufacturing, operations, marketing, sales, HR, R&D, supply chain, and more-to enable them to take practical action toward achieving sustainability and business goals.

For a company to be truly sustainable it must break down silos, foster interdepartmental communications, encourage team building, and improve employee engagement. This is what we call embedding a culture for sustainability into the entire corporate structure.

Too many companies just focus on the environmental and reporting aspects of sustainability and place this responsibility into the hands of a few in their CSR, EH&S, or Sustainability Departments.

When everyone in the company is focused on sustainability, companies realize new openings for innovation and competitive advantage, attracting top talent, and invigorating employee commitment and productivity for a thriving, prosperous future.

Align your Leadership by joining us December 4th -8th in New Brunswick, NJ.
This program is presented in partnership with Transitioning to Green.

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