• New markdowns today from Shoei on the popular GT-Air Wanderer helmet; sizes are limited and will sell fast!  

  • The GT-Air has drop down sun visor and an overall design suited for the street.

  • New boots this week from Sidi and TCX!  Check out our reviews below!  

  • Built in sun shield; glove friendly and easy to operate

  • Breath guard and chin curtain included

  • Great venting!

  • Availability:  Small through XXL in at least one of the four colors shown
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These helmets are all included in the LidPicker sizing database.   T his information can be useful if you like how one model fits you and want to know if another model is in the same "ball park" with regard to overall shape.

A Lid Picker Report prepared for you will show how your own head shape compares to each model in much finer detail.

New Product Reviews
We have two new boots for you today from Sidi and TCX
The Sidi Gavia Gore-Tex boot is Sidi’s best street waterproof boot… and I should qualify that statement to say “best non-heavily armored” street boot. We offer several styles that are taller and/or more robust for sole thickness and armor than this new Gavia, but this boot is designed for street riders rather than adventure or dual sport use. The boot is aimed at those who ride extensively and who want a great quality boot that is waterproof also…. and made waterproof with only the best, most functional materials.  The overall quality of construction of the Gavia is on par with other Sidi boots… which is to say, very high, What makes this boot “better” is the use of genuine Gore-Tex as the waterproof breathable liner........ ( more)
Last season, TCX introduced the Street Ace WP boot (WP means waterproof), and now they have the vented summer Street Ace Air. The upper material is a distressed sort of suede-type finish and the leather is fully perforated. Behind that perf leather is some sort of reinforcing liner and then inside the boot is the usual breathable and padded lining. I put the lip lock on the side of the boot and I was able to feel my breath make its way through to the inside of the boot although it is restricted somewhat by the reinforcing material.  With just the perf leather, I don’t think this would be a very robust shoe but with the liner and the reinforcing materials, this shoe actually is quite sturdy feeling. With the breathability of the upper material and the sharp looks and comfortable fit, I think most people will really like this shoe for summer riding. And compared to other riding shoes, the price of these is quite reasonable too......... ( more)
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