Why Should Men Promote and Develop a Strong Pipeline of Women Leaders?  
            A New Vision for the New Year

STUDIES SHOW ORGANISATIONS that promote women strongly perform better.  In an increasingly uncertain world, diverse strategy brings   greater breadth of strategic thinking; gender balance is proven as one way of empowering that broader vision. 

Here's an opportunity to tune in to our Global discussion on  Balanced Leadership for corporate and organisational success in the modern world.

Women Naturally Better Leaders for the 21st Century
Women - Naturally Better Leaders for
the 21st Century

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O ur  NEW   book  "Leading Beyond the Ego; How to Become a Transpersonal Leader"  - is to be released 9th  March .     
Traditional leadership styles of the past are underperforming in a world of continuous transformation. Those that recognise this and learn how to lead beyond their ego will become emotionally intelligent and ethical leaders who are able to build strong, collaborative relationships, and create a caring, sustainable and performance-enhancing environment. 

An essential read for current and aspiring organisational leaders, HR professionals, executive coaches and mentors, Leading Beyond the Ego is a vital point of reference for anyone in a leadership position and who wants to embrace this new world and Transpersonal Leadership.

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