Through My Lens 

January 2017

We all look at life through our own lens


Sue Reading
Dear Friends, 
       Clean white snow is a reminder of the unmarked, pristine year that lies ahead.  A year filled with fresh ideas and possibilities of things to come. May you chart your New Year with shrewd vision and stamina making 2017 a marvelous year in your book of life.
                                                   Until Next Time.... 

New Tracks
For days the snow came falling down

It was a lovely sight to see.

Covering the earth with a blanket of white

It was as pure and clean as can be.

So like this New Year that lies ahead

No old tracks or dirt are there.

A clean new start I have this year

What new adventures will I dare?

But aware I will be as I step out

Making new tracks in my life this year.

New adventures lie ahead I do know

So I'll move ahead without any fear.

But my tracks are only my tracks

And you have your tracks too.

As you step out this brand New Year -

What opportunities are in front of you?

© Sue McCollum

"You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
C.S. Lewis

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