The Future is Now!
VPS-MICRO® is being used today by clients worldwide to
reduce costs and time-to-market, reduce risk, and
improve product quality.

You are probably aware of the increasing popularity of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering or as it is commonly referred, ICME. This new paradigm of designing materials, components and systems is on track to become the standard of the future and is changing the way products are designed and manufactured.

I CME forms the technological basis for VEXTEC's VPS-MICRO fatigue durability software.  By incorporating the material insights and combining VPS-MICRO with your own FEA (finite element analysis model), your company can more rapidly develop and launch innovative, effective and safe products to stay ahead of the competition.

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Innovative Solutions with a Turnkey Support System Dedicated to Your Success
We are excited to introduce VPS-MICRO software in a new turnkey support package that combines multi-year software subscription with:

  • Floating licenses.
  • Access to VEXTEC's extensive material library.
  • Complete user training (number of users varies based on subscription term). 
  • Support from our team of skilled engineers and VEXTEC's 20 years of fatigue durability expertise. 
  • Our bottom line is that "we succeed, when you succeed."

These are just a few of the features and benefits in our new subscription packages. Contact us for a customized quote and for more information on how you can start using VPS-MICRO to improve your materials, designs and products today.
VPS-MICRO Delivers Repeatable Value for Customers
VPS-MICRO is unique because it:
  • Is the advanced ICME tool that addresses fatigue and allows manufacturers to more accurately identify and gauge potential liabilities. 
  • Uses physics to predict the uncertainty and scatter in material fatigue performance to cost-effectively manage risk.

With the ability to run  as many simulations as desired in a short amount of time,  VPS-MICRO clients have realized:
  • 75% decrease in product development time
  • 90% decrease in testing and design costs

Check out our case studies for more information on the results and value customers are achieving with VPS-MICRO.
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