Below is the press release announcing the switch to an enhanced MLS system known as Matrix by CoreLogic.

Here is a FAQ page to help with any questions you may have.

**Press Release**

The combined leadership of the Northern Ohio Regional MLS (NORMLS) and the Centralized Real Estate Information Service (CRIS) are pleased to announce they have entered into a new five year agreement with CoreLogic for their members with the most advanced tools available in the real estate industry. The decision to contract with CoreLogic and its Matrix system was the result of extensive research, investigation and actual hands on beta testing by our MLS Vendor Task Force. The members of this task force provided a wide spectrum of insight based on their experience, knowledge of the industry, technological expertise and general needs of our members. Mike Audet of the WAV Group, real estate consultants, provided project management and invaluable industry knowledge throughout the entire process.


The WAV Group began the process initially with an in-depth survey of both CRIS and NORMLS membership. Based on the results of this survey, Mike, in conjunction with the Task Force members, then assembled a detailed request for proposal. Using the RFPs, the team reviewed a number of potential MLS vendors and their products and from that initial group of potential vendors the team then selected what was felt to be the vendors that came closest to meeting the desired requirements. Ultimately, from this final group of four very good vendors, the group decided the CoreLogic Matrix product offered not only a current state of the art system with the speed, flexibility, nimbleness, and mobility required in today's real estate market, but one built with the ability to adapt to, and take advantage of, technological advances yet to come.


NORMLS and CRIS entered into a shared data base agreement in 2009 and created the NEOHREX (Northern Ohio Real Estate Exchange) data base, to the mutual benefit of the members of both entities.   While they maintain their independence and individual business models, they have successfully collaborated since that time to provide their members with access to the real estate listing data of over 9,000 members covering over 22 counties. Together they continue to strive to add to the success of their members by providing them with the best data, the latest technology, the right tools and service. The CoreLogic Matrix system assures that we are able do that now and into the foreseeable future.


John Ludwick, NORMLS Board Chairman stated he was impressed with the cooperation between CRIS and NORMLS through the entire process. "I attended most of the Task Force meetings and observed the solidarity between the CRIS and NORMLS members as they worked diligently together" stated Ludwick.


President & CEO of NORMLS, Carl DeMusz, said there was an unmistakable team spirit that carried the Task Force through the process. We have a big job ahead of us as we begin the process of converting to the CoreLogic Matrix system planned to go live in January 2014 in parallel to our Rapattoni system and freestanding in early March 2014.

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