The Pulse...Let the Beat Go on!
                               February 2017   
Premiere of New Video to Raise Awareness of SCA in Youth     

Our latest resource to champion prevention of sudden cardiac arrest in youth is a new video featuring Parent Heat Watch parents sharing their personal stories of loss. What Would You Miss Most If You Lost Your Child? captures the real impact of the thousands of youth lost to this silent killer and the critical need to take action to eliminate these preventable deaths. Please take a moment to watch and share!

Take The Prevention Promise During Heart Month

Download this image and post it to your social media portals during Heart Month to remind parents and responsible adults to champion sudden cardiac arrest prevention for youth in their care. These deaths are preventable if we are prepared:

* Know the risk factors, warning signs &      
  symptoms of an underlying heart condition
* Get a youth heart screening that includes an 
   EKG or ECG as a baseline test
* Learn hands-only CPR
* Make 
AEDs accessible where youth   
* Have a Cardiac Emergency Response Plan

For the education and resources you need to protect young hearts,
check out our 5 To Stay Live Toolkit at
Get An Automated External Defibrillator From One Beat!

One Beat CPR + AED is the proud Prevention Promise sponsor for Parent Heart Watch. They are a nationwide advocate for CPR awareness and AED placement, with many affordable options to make sure your communities are equipped with the latest life-saving technology. One Beat offers a full line of defibrillators and accessories. AED package specials from $875.

Recent Study Reconfirms EKGs as Best Diagnostic Tool To Detect Heart Conditions that Put Youth At Risk for SCA

A recent report in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology describes a new screening protocol that offers advantages over traditional recommendations by the American Heart Association (AHA) and shows that the electrocardiogram (ECG) is the best single youth heart screening method. Read more about this study.
The Latest Diagnostic Testing for Heart Conditions That Put Youth At Risk

The cardiac abnormalities that can put youth at risk for SCA cannot be heard - only seen. Tell your doctor you support cardiac screenings to protect young hearts. This one-of-a-kind system, engineered to detect most heart conditions that can cause SCA in young athletes and active youth, can be used during well-child and pre-participation sports exams.  For more information visit 

Young SCA Survivors And Youth Living with a Heart Condition Unite

This online engagement community supports this incredible community of young people who share their heart journeys together. If you know someone who is a young survivor or is living with a heart condition, please let them know there is a place for them to connect and share their voice. Read their stories now!