a sisterhood of hearts burning for Christ
Under his GLORY a fire will be kindled like a burning flame ~ Isaiah 10:16c

Dear sisters!  
It is an exciting time for the Crossing's Women's Ministry!
A new leadership team has come together to serve and encourage you as we together intensify our pursuit of the Father's Presence.
You are reading the first issue of our new monthly newsletter - The Flame ! Its purpose is to help keep you encouraged, connected, and in pursuit of all the Father is speaking over us for this season. A big shout out to Laura Batten for her tremendous help in creating The Flame !
Isaiah 10:16c, the scripture reference in the header, is relevant to where we are today. It was brought to us recently by Holy Spirit revelation. It highlights that as we draw close to the Father, He reveals his Glory. And under that Glory, we, together, watch Him kindle a fire within us.  
In 2 Timothy 1:6 Paul encourages Timothy to " fan into flame the gift of God". This  metaphor is taken from coals of fire and the act of blowing on them to produce a flame. It is what we are called to do in our fellowship together.
And those are our purposes for Women's Ministry - to come under His Glory, to come together, and see our flame fanned into brighter life.
In each addition of The Flame you will find a word of encouragement from Yvonne Eason and others. There will be a section for your testimonies - a place for sharing together the exciting things God is doing among us today. The story of what the Father is doing in you is important!  Jenny Ignarsky is our director of testimonies. Send your story, big or small, to Jenny at jnsuet@gmail.com .  
The newsletter will also keep you in touch with ministry happenings. The first "happening" you need to know about is the 2018 Crossing Women's Retreat. This event will take place October 26th-28th in the beautiful Sandy Cove Retreat Center on the Chesapeake Bay! Charity Cook, a key member of Global Awakening, along with some other guests will be joining us for a rich time of refreshment and rejuvenation. Save the date now, start planning now!
Our desire as a team is to call on Him and work to fulfill His heart for the women of The Crossing. Come alongside as we begin this adventure together!
With a grateful heart for this opportunity to serve you as lead team member of the women's ministry,
Ester Smith

introducing the Women's Ministry Team
Ester Smith
Laura Batten
Ginger Hunter
Nancy McKay
Sheryl Pross
Cathy Tonking
Cindy Danku
Corinne Gokcen
Shiphrah Kamble
Jenny Ignarski
Intern: Carly Deeter

soul to soul, sharing our hearts

Look! There goes a Christian woman!
A showcase for Him

In seeking the Lord for a word to share in the Crossing Women's Newsletter, I sensed He led me to write on what is seen in a woman belonging to Christ.   
With the Christmas season approaching, in the midst of the preparations to celebrate, there are various displays of lights, colors and sounds. In it all, there is the Christian woman. She's making her rounds and putting things in place in order to celebrate the Savior's birth. To her, it is more than a historical event or a yearly holiday, simply because the Lord Jesus has been birthed in her heart, thus allowing her to become His showcase. 
Something was quite evident in the life of Daniel, one of God's showcases. It is said of him, "Then this Daniel was distinguished above the governors and the satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him."   Daniel 6:3. It is also said of Paul and Silas, another showcase for the Lord, "These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation." Acts 16:17.
The Christian woman has gifts to offer. God's love, kindness and joy are some examples. These can be expressed among family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors, or anyone crossing her path. The gift of God's love is all wrapped up in the heart of the woman belonging to Christ, and ready for delivery as the Holy Spirit leads. It can be as simple as a word of encouragement to the person who becomes overwhelmed with the busyness of Christmas.
The gift of God's kindness in the form of an exhortation can be, "God bless you for all you have done, and continue to do today!" This gift of kindness is in the heart of every Christian woman, ready to be pulled out, opened up, and given to someone who may be standing behind a checkout counter..  Signs of fatigue and tiredness may be visible, due to long hours of service. However, your gift of kind words and exhortation can cause a big smile and renewed energy to come forth. A woman in Christ can and will cause shifts to take place in moods and atmospheres for others. 
There will even be some unexpected appointments on God's list and schedule for you in this season. God calls them His divine appointments, open doors of opportunity and ordained encounters. I believe He's placed these in the midst of the woman of God's daily schedule. Become aware of them, be open and make yourself available to minister God's gift of prayer to the ones He'll show you that have need.
Let's ask the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with prayer for the various needs of people we may encounter this season. Let's ask Him for His appointments, and opening of doors for us women to showcase Him to others like Daniel, Paul and Silas. Look for God's Kairos moments where you will meet needs with prayer, His love,  encouragement and acts of kindness. These will not only be precious gifts, but  blessings bestowed. The rewards are eternal!
We now welcome the wind of the Holy Spirit to come and blow over the garden of our hearts, releasing the "sweet aroma of God's Presence to be defused through us in every place we go (2 Cor. 2:14). It is then the proclamation is being made, "Look! There goes a Christian woman, God's showcase to the world!"

~ Yvonne Eason

the word of the testimony

In mid October, I started praying on behalf of the Women's Leadership Team and for revelation of the Father's heart regarding His daughters at the Crossing.
One night, while praying again, I was given a picture of the following:
  • A greenhouse container
  • In it, there were green seedlings growing
  • Orange/red lights at the top of the greenhouse
  • My view of the picture was from the inside, at soil level looking up at the stems of the seedlings and the lights above them
In subsequent days, I started praying for confirmation from the Lord. At first, I doubted the accuracy of the picture because I had never seen a greenhouse with colored lights. So began my research. To my surprise, red/orange lights do exist. In fact, different colored lights help plants in different ways. For example, blue lights encourage leafy growth. Red lights promote plants to bloom. They release heat that causes hormones to grow which promote plants to bud and bloom. At this point, I felt at peace that this was from the Lord and started conversing with Him about the picture.  

The red/orange light is like a picture of the Holy Spirit who releases the knowledge of God to us. The knowledge of God, in turn, ignites a hunger which leads us to bloom. Knowledge of Him and what He is doing among us is the nutrient that makes our soil produce growth.

The seedlings are a picture in the natural of new plants growing into their pre-destined maturity. Seedlings refers to those with a desire to grow just like seedlings are meant to grow, not to the years in the faith. They are individuals in whom the Lord has ignited a new hunger, a new beginning, or a new season of growth.  He is the new "thing" that is desirable and refreshing.

I sense the Lord is saying: it is time to bud and bloom. Like seedlings, we are meant to grow and reproduce. The Holy Spirit is at work in His children in various ways. Many have received divine touches, victories, healings, deliverance. Others have had transformative encounters with the Lord. These are testimonies that reflect who God is and what He is doing among us. Testimonies are like nutrients we can bring to other seedlings, our sisters, so they too can be nourished to bloom and to bring others into bloom. For example, Seedling A's growth can be promoted by Seedling B's testimony and vice-versa. Sharing our testimonies provides the right soil for growth and duplication.  We want to "harvest the word of the testimony" and allow it to grow and multiply in our hearts and in our midst. Rev 12:11 says, "They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony."

So, beloveds of the King, we want to share your testimonies! Allow the Lord to use the word of your testimony to increase and multiply others by sharing with us what the Lord has done in your life. The Lord is calling us to bloom and display His glory in all the earth!

~ Jenny Ignarski

"We want to harvest the word of the testimony and allow it to grow and multiply in our hearts and in our midst."

The Crossing Women's Retreat
October 26 - 28, 2018
North East, MD