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New Workplace Label Format, CEPA Notice, WHMIS Inspection & Blog on Bill 30
You can create Workplace Labels in msdsBinders
A quick review when a workplace label is required:
  • a hazardous product is made at a workplace and used in that workplace,
  • a hazardous product is decanted into another container, or
  • a supplier label becomes lost or unreadable.

There are two situations when a workplace label is not necessary. When a hazardous product is:
  • poured into a container and it is going to be used immediately, or
  • "under the control of the person who decanted it". For example, if you pour the product into another container and you will be the only person who will use it, during one shift, a full workplace label may not be required. The container must still be identified with the product name.

Note: CHAMPlite customers get labels created for them automatically and populated with control icons. CHAMP customers get labels created for their products based on the product approvals.

New Avery Label Formats for GHS
Avery has new GHS labels that are Chemical, Abrasion, Temperature and Weather Resistant; and their label formats are now in msdsBinders. They have been added to the drop down menu choices when you go to print a label.
New CEPA Lists for
Carboxylic Acid Anhydrides Group,
CMP Formic Acid and Formates 2017,
& Final Assessment for Selenium

Regulatory News: Three CEPA notices released in Dec 2017

The Draft Screening Assessment for the Carboxylic Acid Anhydrides Group was published for a 60-day public comment period ending on February 7, 2018.

The Final Screening Assessment for the Formic Acid and Formates Substance Group was published for a 60-Day public comment period ending on February 14, 2018. 

The Final Screening Assessment for Selenium and its compounds was released and the related notice was published.

How to search for these substances in msdsBinders
In msdsBinders the regulatory reporting feature has been updated and lists can be found under the following name:
  • CEPA 71 Carboxylic Acid Anhydrides Group Dec 2017
  • CEPA CMP Formic Acid and Formates 2017
  • CEPA 2017 Final Screening Assessment for Selenium

Federal WHMIS Supplier Inspections are occurring
Recent feedback from customers indicate that WHMIS inspections are occurring on suppliers. This is being conducted by Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Departments across Canada until March 2018 to promote the compliance with Federal laws by WHMIS suppliers. HPA Inspectors will be visiting Canadian workplaces of suppliers and may or may not provide advanced warning of the visit. The main objective of this project is to build a list of suppliers in each jurisdiction.

What are inspectors looking for?
There seems to be a focus on auditing supplier labels and for French SDSs. Inspectors are allowing suppliers to produce an SDS in French within a reasonable time frame. Deerfoot Consulting can assist you if needed in this.

Key elements of inspection:
  • Products that are included in the application of the scope of the HPA (excluded products are in section 12 and 1 of the HPA)
  • Cooperation with the HPA Inspector (assistance and access to information requested by the inspector)
  • Documents to be prepared and maintained (French and English copies; sales and purchasing records;records kept in Canada or have obtained an exemption; records kept for 6 years)
  • SDS Compliance (WHMIS 2015 standards)
  • Label Compliance (WHMIS 2015 standards)

We have 4 documents from Health Canada you can read for more information on this compliance promotion:

  1. Compliance Promotion Package Letter
  2. WHMIS 2015 Compliance Promotion
  3. Examples of HPA and HPR Non-Compliance
  4. Key Elements of an Inspection
Blog: Proposed Changes to Bill 30 Alberta OH&S Act
Key areas being reviewed are discussed in this blog as well as impacts on employers and useful links for more information on the proposed changes.

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