Fall 2015 

With recent workplace violence incidents dominating the news, we are all reminded once again that preventing workplace violence is everyone's responsibility.

For over 20 years, the BCI team has helped employers keep their workers safe through prevention, intervention and training programs. As we enter our third decade, we are even more committed to that mission.

We've just launched Workplace Violence Prevention, Recognition and Response. This online training program is an affordable introduction to violence prevention for all employees. We've also brought on new team members to serve our expanding client base.

Let us help you keep your workplace safe. We'll build a program that will fit your needs and budget. It's never been more critical! 

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Jaimee Pittman, President 
In The News
Sometimes organizations (like in the case of the TV station shooting in Virginia) don't know what they don't know. As with anything, you need the correct professional skill set when dealing with a problematic, aggressive, and/or threatening individual. Below is an article from SHRM.org on angrry, aggressive behavior like that displayed by Vester Flanagan. EAPs May Not Be Best Route for Angry, Threatening Employees      

Introducing Online Training for Workplace Violence Prevention

Anywhere, Any Time, and on Any Device!
Now there's an easy-to-implement, affordable way to give all your employees the tools and information they need to recognize threats and help prevent violence in the workplace.
Baron Center has developed an interactive, online training program, Workplace Violence Prevention: Recognition & Response, designed to meet the needs of today's busy people.  
Taught by a former chief of police, this 45-minute program will empower your employees with the knowledge to:
  • Recognize the many different types of workplace violence.
  • Understand their own responsibility in helping prevent violence in the workplace.
  • Identify specific behaviors that constitute workplace aggression.
  • Recognize the warning signs of a potential threat.
  • Understand the importance of reporting any unusual, threatening or intimidating behavior immediately.
  • Identify options for personal protection in an "active shooter" situation.
Contact us today for a demonstration of 
Workplace Violence Prevention: Recognition & Response. You'll rest easier knowing you have this professional safety training in place!  
Celebrating our 20th!
Baron Center Inc. (BCI) has 20 years of quiet, effective success in keeping our clients' workplaces safe. Much has changed since Baron Center was founded in 1995, but our approach is still the same--thoughtful, compassionate and guided by our key values of honoring and serving others.  
Today's BCI professionals offer consulting, training and coaching services that improve security, safety and leadership practices in today's workplaces. Using assessment, prevention and intervention strategies, we help organizations minimize their risk of disruptive behavior and workplace violence and to manage it if it happens.

While we never disclose their names, we have helped hundreds of private and public corporations, government entities, hospitals, and educational institutions over the past two decades.
As we go forward, we are expanding our team and our services to meet our clients needs.

What are you doing to keep your workplace safe? Let us help you take proactive steps to minimize the potential for workplace violence in your organization.

In This Issue
Our New Team Member
Dr. John Lewis

We're pleased to welcome John Lewis, Ph.D. of Santa Barbara to the BCI team!  
Dr. Lewis specializes in threat assessment, violence risk management, discrimination and harassment in the corporate arena. His wide range of experience includes work in U.S. intelligence 
communities, hospitals, mental health facilities, universities, and correction institutions.
As a senior consultant for Baron Center, Dr. Lewis provides workplace violence prevention training for all levels of employee populations and consults with corporate clients who have concerns about potential violence and problematic behaviors in their organizations. 


Below is a link to a resource from SHRM and ASIS that provides an overview of policies, processes, and protocols that organizations can use to help identify and prevent workplace violence. 

We would like to share our visual representative on Components of a Successful, Enterprise-wide Workplace Violence Prevention Program.
BCI Workplace Violence Prevention Program

Upcoming BCI Events and Conferences

Sept 28-30
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October 14-15
- aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach. John A. Haley & Dr. Suzanne Hoffman will present "Introduction to Threat Assessment for Public Entities"
  Servant Leadership Institute Conference 2015 November 9-10 in Orlando Florida.
Wayne Maxey will present the workshop "Workplace Violence 101: From Prevention to Intervention Powered by Servant Leadership"

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