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New Year ~ New Mindset ~ New Results!
It's all about the Growth Mindset!
February 2016
Welcome 2016! I feel like I'm a little late to the party and I apologize, but I'm just returning from a 2-week trip in Australia! Nevertheless, I've got some great stuff for you here...

Last year I talked a lot about transformation. If we aren't pushing ourselves to transform in a  proactive way (challenges purposely brought on enabling growth and improvement), then we are only responding when change and challenges are thrust upon us - responding in a  reactive way . In this state, our emotions can't always be trusted and, as a result, we don't always make the best choices or decisions.  So I  propose we continue our conversation about transformation, but take it to another level...

Let's look at Transformation 2.0 for 2016!

As you know, I totally believe that success comes from the inside-out. Our values shape our beliefs, our beliefs shape our habits. Habits ultimately translate into behaviors and behaviors create patterns. It's critical that we fully own this sequence in order for the seeds of transformation to form and stick. 

Consider these questions to help start your internal dialogue:
  1. What is my current mindset? Do you believe your abilities and skills are largely fixed and set OR do you believe these can be improved with effort and hard work?
  2. Am I open and ready to growth, even if it's uncomfortable? Do you look at every situation and think, "Will I succeed or will I fail?" and how does that affect your actions? Are you more curious than fearful?
  3. As we enter 2016, what do I desire to be different about my mindset? Do you find yourself feeling defeated and disappointed OR are you motivated by knowing you are constantly pushing toward set goals? Are you prepared to step into a creator position and take full ownership of every facet of your life?
  4. Am I willing to use my own growth to help others grow and transform? Do you desire to be someone who is not merely successful but significant? Do you see the benefits of helping others transform their lives and benefiting from your wisdom, experiences, and processes?

Take a few minutes to view the TED talk below. It may give you one of those "ah-ha!" moments! In this TED talk, Carol Dweck, Ph.D., provides an interesting approach to what largely affects our growth mindset.


Success is measured as achievements
that have been reached "now" -- if we don't reach them "now," it is viewed as failure



Success is measured as achievements and goals 

 "not yet" or "yet" to be reached


What's the difference? Staggering! Participants who did not reach the goal "now" were left feeling "dumb," even despite the effort and difficulty they encountered. Those who approached not reaching the goal "yet" were left feeling smarter and encouraged. The optimism of success still existed and they were encouraged to keep pursuing "now" for a time in the future!


THAT'S the clear difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Transformation is due largely to your thoughts and what you tell yourself. Understand: THE CHOICE IS YOURS. Make a conscious effort to respond with a growth mindset voice because your fixed mindset voice will constantly creep in!


Be aware. Be willing to stretch yourself, expecting both ways of thinking. With dedicated efforts, your thoughts centered on a growth mindset will become more natural and second nature!

To your success,

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[ From the Heart

I was recently reminded that if we are not growing and connecting with those around us, we become stagnant. When this happens, that stagnant poison convinces us we have nothing left to give--nothing left to accomplish.

One of my recent trips to New York, I checked into the hotel and the attendant told me they were featuring a 100-year-old piano player. "Wow!" I said. "Is he still good?!"

She smiled and said, "Profoundly good!"

What an encouragement! That's how I want to remain as long as I'm in this world: fostering my growth mindset not just for my own positive mental health, but striving to remain significant and useful for those around me!

As I age, it might be easy to take on a fixed mindset; wake up each day, understand my aging state, complain about my ailments, and see only the added limitations they provide.

My prayer for myself, and for you, is to instill and foster a growth mindset for all areas of life and that our eyes remain open to the faithfulness and blessings God continues to provide. It's my hope we all remain, "profoundly good!" -TB

Carol Dweck, Ph.D., of Stanford University explains clearly and in an understandable way a   GROWTH MINDSET

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