Find Updates on our Four Pillars of Strength
The 4 Pillars of FTR
Look for updates on our "Four Pillars" each month:  Fitness, Nutrition, Community Service, and Artistic Expression.  Using these elements, FTR members grow strong.  Comments? Suggestions? Contact newsletter editor Sarah Kappos at 
Fresh New Kitchen Blends Nutrition, Creativity, Women's Groups, Community Service Activities! 
What's Cooking on all four Pillars in 2017 at FTR?
A snazzy new space for Food to Recover, Creative Expressions and the FTR Women's group ! Fit to Recover will begin the new year with a brand new KITCHEN upstairs to cook up lots of fun and creativity! Thanks t o the hard work and generosity of the Midwest Floors crew, Fit to Recover members can look forward to interactive cooking classes (from FTR foodies and featur ed guests), a "home y" place to connect with others, a large granite island to support writing pens or swirling paint brushes, and a safe and supportive environment to build community. Stay tuned for cooking class schedules, nutrition workshops, and yummy taste tests to fuel workouts, expand and excite your taste-buds, and inspire your own cooking skills and creations at  home. Your Food to Recover dietitians will support you as you chop, sauté, and bake up delicious and healthy foods. We also look forward to "community meal preps" and family dinners in the new kitchen.

Break a sweat, then break some bread with us! The Food To Recover blog 

Space is Limited! Get Your Tickets to FTR's 2nd Birthday Bash Today!

At our first birthday we dazzled you with the unveiling of our climbing wall and the soulful tunes of Michael Kelsey. This year, we'll dazzle your taste buds with the unveiling of our glorious new kitchen. We've come a long way in two short years!   

Please join Channel 4's Randall Carlisle, the pioneers of FTR, members, sponsors and friends in a celebration of strength and creativity (and tasty treats!), and learn more about how we exercise recovery!   

Festival of the Four Pillars 2nd Anniversary Party will be held Friday, February 10, from 7-10 pm. Party tickets ($25/member, $50/nonmember) and corporate sponsorships ranging from $500-$2,500 are available HERE. Sponsor names will be listed on a beautiful banner that will hang next to the climbing wall all year long! Add your name to our list of generous sponsors:
Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers, HM Life Limitless, Nicholas Zurn Scholarship Fund, Lou Swaringen, Brighton Recovery, Alpenfit Gym, Jan & Ross Wilkins, Greg White Accounting, Big O Tires, Recovery Strong, and Midwest Floors, Jeff, Tammy and Brad Smith. Questions? Contact
Fitness: Log Book Challenge

"What's the one thing I can do, such that by doing it, everything else becomes easier, or unnecessary?"
     ~Gary Keller (Keller Real Estate)
For us in the gym - the answer is:   Keep a Log Book

The Log Book Challenge is a 12 week commitment to keeping a record of your goals.  It is also an opportunity to bring a deeper meaning to your time in the gym.  At FTR we are all about building connection.  This is a chance to work with fellow members towards growing stronger.  It is the foundation we are built on.
In exchange for your commitment you get:
  • A team of fellow FTR members to cheer you on!
  • A trainer assigned to your team to offer support, answer questions, and help you stay accountable.
  • Bi-monthly workshops by FTR trainers and Food To Recover with helpful tips for exercise and nutrition.
  • Motivation to follow through on your goals.
  • Insights into your own fitness. 
Sign up on the white board in the gym. Join us for the kick off meeting Wednesday January 11th at 6:30 p.m. where you will meet your team and get more information.  Bring your Log Book and an open mind!

Creative Arts:  FTR Hosts 1st Paint Nite;
River Reading Sessions Begin!  
Have you ever wanted to attend a Paint Nite but wished it did not include drinking?  Well, here is your chance! FTR will be hosting our first Paint Nite this February in the new kitchen!  In exchange for the usual wine served at these events, Food To Recover's Tessa Acker will bring tasty and nutritious treats to compliment our evening of art-making.  Look for details in next month's newsletter!

River Writing sessions begin January 20 and 22nd and they are filling up fast. Join the Facebook event below and sign up with Georgia in the gym via MindBody to confirm your spot.  

Curious about the class, but just want to try it out and see if you like it? Join Sarah Kappos on January 19th for an evening of writing in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Cafe on 1st. 

River Writing for Power & Love
is a unique opportunity to meet the originator of River Writing, Nan Seymour.  Join these two passionate women for an experience you will not soon forget!

River Writing for Power and Love

River Writing Sunday Session

River Writing Friday Session

Community Service: Event at Road Home Captures Spirit of Christmas.

"I'd like to take a moment to do a gratitude shout out to the amazing, hardworking service director at FTR and the organizer of this event, Rachel Santizo! Her dedication to selflessness has given all of us a priceless gift this Christmas; Thank you for inspiring me to do better and be better.
      ~Georgia Gregersen FTR Operations manager

"That was amazing to be a part of. Thank you. I can't feel my toes but it's all good."
     ~Matthew Kendall FTR member

In the true spirit of Christmas, Rachel Santizo led her service volunteers with a stunning display of warmth.  Hot chili, cocoa and coffee were served, and even Santa Clause paid a visit.  Racks of warm coats and sturdy water proof bags of essentials were also handed out.  Christmas Eve flew in on a solid wave of snow and chilly winds.  Bringing also, a stark realization of just how cold winter can be for those without a home.  The streets were lined with makeshift tents made of tarps, snow piled high on all sides.  The hope of FTR volunteers, was to bring just a little bit of comfort to those who spend the holidays in a harsh reality.

"Merry Christmas Salt Lake!!I look outside this morning. It is cold and snowy. What a perfect day to serve!! Some people live in these conditions. That is why we do what we do!! Who is ready to surprise 200 precious individuals with Christmas this morning? The Spirit Of Christmas! Please dress warm. Always remember we are fortunate enough to dress warm, why not serve someone who doesn't have the same privilege?
One of the secret ingredients to sobriety is love and selflessness. If you're struggling - do something nice for someone else. Be the best version of yourself daily."
     ~Rachel Santizo FTR Service Coordinator

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