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Advancing Financial Security in Mass: 2017 Policy Priorities

Changing systems is critical in creating an economy where individuals and families thrive. At the state level, Midas and partner organizations are sharing our expertise, drafting legislation, and advocating for economic justice. 

Our priorities are varied including debt collections, expansion of the earned income tax credit, children's savings and much more. Learn about all of our priorities here .

Midas' Policy Roundtable

Join us on Thursday, February 23

As a collaborative, we recognize the importance of leveraging our joint resources for a greater impact. As we strategize for the 2017 legislative session, there is a lot of uncertainty with the federal administration and so our continued work in Massachusetts will be vital to empowering and protecting those we serve.

We want to expand our advocacy network with those looking to do more. Join us on Thursday, February 23rd at our office to learn more about our policy priorities, various levels of engagement, and next steps. RSVP to Ginger@MassAssets.org.  

Collaborative Policy Roundtable at 1-2:30pm on Thursday, February 23rd 
20 Linden Street, Suite 288,  Allston, MA 02134
9th Annual MassSaves Summit 

Mark your calendars! The 9th annual MassSaves Summit will be held on Friday, April 28, 2017 at Worcester State University in Worcester, MA.
The Summit is an opportunity for teachers, financial educators, and supporters from all backgrounds to network, share, and learn. The 2016 Summit focused on a multi-generational approach to building financial foundations that we plan to improve upon in 2017. 
Register today and receive a discount off the registration fee!
Financial Educators:  Save the Date!

The Consumer Financial Prote ction Bureau (CFPB) is developing resou r ces to support financial educators and enhance the financial ca pability  o f consumers. Midas and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston will co-host focus groups to test CFPB resources on Wednesday, March 1st and Thursday, March 2nd at 10am-12 noon and 1:30-3:30pm each day. 

The CPFB seeks to improve the utility and effectiveness of its fina ncial education materials by testing these resources with financial educators. The re sources will include an Auto Loan Cost Shopping Sheet and a Financial Well-Being Scale.

Further details will be sent in February on how to apply to be a part of one of the four sessions to share your insight and improve the resources. All participants will receive a $50 gift card as a thank you.
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