January, 2015
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January Classes

Gourmet Truffles
Item# 671

Enjoy more exotic flavors in this class such as Chili Truffles, Manhattans and Salted Caramel Truffles.... 

3 Day Advanced Swiss Chocolate
Item# 17043

This advanced course shows various ways to make chocolate fillings...

Traditional Truffles
Item# 718

Join our truffle workshop and make the "great Chocolate truffle". Students will make truffle ganache...

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class @ McCalls!

Kids Chocolate Fun 
Item# 20231
January 17, 2015

Kids will have fun learning about the proper handling of chocolate and molds, how to do hollow molding and mold chocolate for lollies..

from McCall's TO YOU!

Double Berry Chocolate Bonbon

Raspberry Ganache


Heavy cream   250g
Raspberry puree   330g
Sorbitol   80g
Glucose syrup   50g
Callebaut 70-30 dark couverture   800g
Butter   50g

TOTAL   1560g

1)  Heat up cream, sorbitol, glucose and puree to a slight boil.  Pour liquid over chocolate.
2)  In the food processor or using an immersion blender, blend chocolate with cream and create an emulsion.
3)  Add the butter last and emulsify properly.
4)  Set aside to cool to 29 degrees Celsius (84 F)
5)  Pipe into the bonbon cups filling about halfway and let "set" overnight.

Berry Jelly


Sugar #1   70g
Yellow pectin   13g
Mixed berry puree   660g
Glucose syrup   150g
Sugar #2   670g
Tartaric acid solution   16g

TOTAL   1579g

1)  Mix sugar #1 and pectin.
2)  Separately, warm puree to 40 degrees Celsius. (104 F)
3)  Combine sugar and pectin mixture.
4)  Bring to a boil and add the glucose.
5)  Add sugar #2 gradually without ever breaking the boil.
6)  Cook to 104 degrees Celsius. (291 F)
7)  Remove from heat and add tartaric acid.
8)  Cool down and mix in food processor to obtain a smooth texture.
9)  Pipe into the bonbon cups, filling to the top.
10)  Let crystallize properly before enrobing.
11)  Enrobe with pre-crystallized dark couverture.

January Issue
Jump into January!

We're starting off January with a jolt of sugary sweetness, fresh from McCall's.  We have big news on what's hot and trending this winter!

Chocolate season beats on and this year we have some new and ambitious ideas for your chocolate-making endeavors; for clients, events or special gift-giving.  A more diverse nutscape will be expected in chocolate such as:  pistacchios, mixtures of seeds, lemon-flavored chocolate and chocolates that are floral-scented. We will also see more world-traveled cacao, bringing an influence of varied palettes in chocolate flavorings and peach-filled chocolate..The list goes on.. 

Chocolate truffles and other bite-sized treats are still the rage in the baking world.

As a token of our appreciation to our loyal subscribers of Sweetlines, we have posted a Free Chocolate Truffle Recipe for you.  It could also come in handy as a great idea for a Valentine-inspired dessert yet to be created!

The one-bite bonbon is a Valentine favorite all over!  McCall's is now introducing the Mona Lisa Bonbon to it's shelves for your shopping convenience.  

As a special treat, check out how to make a decadent chocolate bonbon from McCall's to you!  

In a nutshell, expect more flavours that reflect the growing popularity of nuts, which contain healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Some inspirational flavours are pumpkin praline fudge and almond rose shortbread to name a few. 

TruColor Natural Food Colors

We are really excited and you will be too!

We would like to introduce our brand new ALL NATURAL Food Colouring!

TruColor is an all new "State of the Art" natural food colouring!  It's free of Artificial Preservatives, and more potent than other brands out on the market to date. TruColor is not like any other, it is made from a combination of fruits, seed, vegetables, minerals and all natural plant sources.  This new product comes in powder form, and has an extended shelf life.  If the product is stored properly (kept dry, away from direct light and heat) the product can last on average for a minimum of a year.  

These natural gel paste colours are great for a variety of icings, doughs or any other products you would like to colour without changing the consistency or breaking down of your product.  This paste allows you to easily and accurately measure and add the food colour.  Ten grams of TruColor will colour at least 25 lbs of icing to a deep, rich colour!  What's more is that colours like pink or purple will not fade as quickly as artificial colours would. TruColor guarantees that you will find no other product which can match their stability, hue, shade and brilliance!

TruColor Natural Shine Colours are also available and offer an unprecedented colour in hue and brilliance. These colours can be sprayed with an airbrush or hand-painted.  They work well on almost any dry food surface, and are ideal for gum paste, royal icing or fondant. 

Have a closer look here.

Disney Frozen Candle
Item# 1090

This princess-perfect candle will easily make your cake event-ready...

Disney Frozen Fun Pix 24 pc
Item# 1108

Great for adding a cool touch to treats, each package contains 24 detailed Disney Frozen picks...


Fir Evergreen Trees
Item# 10140

NOW: $5.25

Adds a dimensional look to an outdoor-themed cake or cupcake...

Tiny Crisp Rice 4.5 oz
Item# 3881

NOW: $2.18

The perfect addition to any chocolate product...

Plain Brown Box 2 pc
Item# 2483

NOW: $0.99

These simple, modern boxes have a masculine yet sophisticated appeal and can be dressed up or down...  

More info

Decorative Scallop Scissors
Item# 3513

NOW: $3.55

Create hand cut edible shapes with this fun, decorative edge...

8" Gold Econo Boards
Item# 10678

NOW: $2.98
These gold foil wrapped econo round boards are ideal for tortes and cakes...

Blue / Brown Box 2 pc
Item# 6661

NOW: $1.30

These Tiffany-style boxes are so fitting for making a statement in the new year with it's colour contrasting and simple yet elegant look...

More info


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MCCALL'S INTRODUCES MONA LISA BONBON CUPS THIS WINTER SEASON! Take a look our wide variety of flavour options in the new Mona Lisa catalogue!

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