Ferry Ecuador Update - January 2018
Happy New Year Everyone!

2018 is upon us and we are just boiling over with stories and news to share with you in this update. Buckle your seat belts and please enjoy a little peek into our life and ministry here in Shell, Ecuador. Hearing from you is always an encouragement so don't forget to click "Reply" and tell us how you are doing too!

Chris, Tina, Georgia and Reese

In this update and in future updates you will read stories and receive information about the projects and people with which we have the privilege to cooperate.

Each investment of our time and energy is an intentional effort to fulfill our ministry goals. This means we actively engage with foreign, national and tribal people on a daily basis.

Our broad ministry goals are to:

  • Cooperate with existing movement and not duplicate effort

  • Raise up and empower healthy and sustainable local leadership through intimate discipleship and encouragement ministries

  • Encourage cooperation and unity amongst the foreign, national and indigenous entities making a positive impact in Shell and beyond

2018 will be yet another year of full surrender and servanthood as God leads. Please pray for us to be filled with wisdom and truth as we live and serve here in Ecuador.
Big things are happening at CENTA. Our team received the keys to the new CENTA property the end of December and ever since that moment the property has been buzzing with activity.

In early January we were given one week to complete a detailed inventory in order to comply with Ecuadorian requirements. Whew! We are now moving into a remodeling project which will allow a CENTA team family to live on the property! In the coming months, Chris will dedicate 4 days a week working on projects with the CENTA construction team.

To view a list of the prospective 2018 projects please view our website for details. 2018 will be a year of building a strong foundation and infrastructure for CENTA to function well and best serve our Ecuadorian neighbors well into the future!

The CENTA Team Christmas Party!!

This team accomplished so much in 2017. Celebrating our first Christmas together as an official team was a joy!

Our team is comprised of 3 different agencies and many different specialties. May we continue to make a positive and lasting impact here in Ecuador as we serve together at CENTA.
Thanks for praying for us.

A Work of Encouragement and Empowerment
Our life is full of wonderful people that we have the chance to encourage and walk alongside. In line with our vision and goals, we are privileged to walk together through this hard and happy life.

This looks like bringing a pregnant friend to the hospital when she can't afford the taxi fare or making chicken soup for a sick pastor's wife and sitting on the bed with her for a nice germ-ridden chat. When we sit in these moments (or hours in the hospital!) together we gain trust and insight. From this place of trust and insight we are able to encourage, challenge and be a part of lasting change. Let us tell you a story --

One of Tina's friends is finishing her high school degree and has a wonderful dream of opening a sewing shop for personal provision but also utilizing the space to teaching other moms and young women to sew. A group of women from the Rock supported her education for a year and we continue to support this with our personal ministry funds. It's a joy to watch!

However, she often lacks money to purchase the material required for her sewing projects. At times we help her with this need as well but we've been praying for a better way. Just recently Tina ordered a chair from an upholstery shop and noticed remnant material lying around and asked the shop owner if she'd "sell it cheap for a good cause" and explained about our friend who was often in need. The shop owner urged us to come back together and offered to sell the remnant.

In great excitement Tina and her friend returned together hoping for a good deal. Our socks were completely blown off when the shop owner gave away (FOR FREE!!) a large bag of remnants and encouraged our friend to return whenever she had a need.

This need, of a young tribal woman, is now being met by a fellow Ecuadorian. Tina was honored to facilitate this connection. Engaging locals to view the need in their own backyard and do something about it can be challenging -- wherever you are -- but especially here where many are struggling to make ends meet for themselves. This little story gives our hearts a lift knowing we aren't the middle man and God is working on the ground here in the hearts of many! This is sustainable empowerment.

Above you see a couple of our biggest blessings here in Shell. Alex and Jendrik gave Tina hand made jewelry for her birthday. When Tina expressed her awe of how much time was invested in the gift Alex said, "It's because you are so valuable." Loving one another deeply has a reciprocal effect!
Our 3rd Annual Cookie Decorating Party was a hit!
We love having a house full of kids and more and more each year the parents are joining in on the fun.
Lunch anyone?
Sharing lives means sharing food! These beetle larvae have many health benefits and are a very treasured tribal food. When our friends offered us a sample we all had a good laugh as we stomached this...ahem, interesting confection. Georgia and Reese threw them down effortlessly. Way to go girls!
Sunday, February 25th
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Friday, March 2nd
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Sunday, March 4th
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Chris and Tina in the USA!

We have been invited to speak at our home church's missions conference and will also be introduced at one of our new partner churches, Faith Mountain!

Due to the short length of this trip, Georgia and Reese will stay in Ecuador but you will have 3 opportunities to see Chris and Tina and hear about our life and ministry in Ecuador.

We hope you will consider stopping by so we can say hello to you personally!
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