Book Offer to Start the New Year!

Voices & Visions introduces a  special book offer to help you celebrate the new Jewish year (5778)

The stunning coffee table volume, the Voices & Visions book, includes all 36 posters from our three poster series (Masters Series, Proudly Jewish, and Frames of Mind) plus commentaries and background information. It sells on our website for $79.    

We are making the book available to Jewish organizations for $15 per book, when purchased in sets of eight.  These books make fabulous donor gifts, as well as gifts to mark other milestones and occasions.

Email us at for  ordering details.  Visit our website to view the book in the Shop and posters in the Gallery.
A Thought for Rosh Hashana

"We must believe not only that all people are created equal but also that all  peoples are created equal."  
- Natan Sharansky

The High Holidays highlight our shared humanity through each person's fallibility and the power of  teshuvah  -- reclaiming our higher selves.  This  Frames of Mind  poster, with quote by Natan Sharansky and art by J.C. Suares, broadens our focus to the collective level, calling us to honor each people's aspiration for dignity and well-being. 

This 5778, and especially on the birthday of the world, let's celebrate the diverse palette of people and peoples. Shana tova! A good and sweet year.