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Employee of the Month!
Hailey Verch
Chiropractic Assistant, Laser Therapist
Hailey joined IHC in August of last year and she has already made a significant impact. She quietly and efficiently greets clients and makes sure that the doctor keeps on time with his/her schedule.   "A big shout out goes to  Hailey!  She is always so helpful, from putting files away to stepping into other peoples roles for them if they need to leave early.   All in All just a wonderful person."
Congratulations Hailey!
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Client Story
"MedEx turned my life around!"
Penny and Bruce Farnel have been MedEx clients for almost 2 years.  This past summer,  we asked them to give us a few words on why they continue with MedEx and how it has affected their lives.

Penny:  “I’d say it turned my life around. I have a lot less pain. I’m a lot stronger.  Once you feel stronger, it gives you a sense of confidence.”

Bruce: “There’s not nearly as much sciatic problems as before and I have increased range of motion” 

Penny, on what it’s like to workout with her husband:
“It’s great to have somebody else to do it with, but if you try it once, you’re going to want to come back.”

A brief background on Penny and Bruce:
Penny has cerebral palsy, a condition that often includes symptoms like, poor coordination, stiff muscles and weak muscles. She was told that her life was going down the road to her needing a cane and eventually a walker to be able to stay mobile and independent. That was ‘not an option’ Penny told us. MedEx has been able to keep her well away from needing any kind of walking aid.

Bruce used to drive a snowplow and consequently would have prolonged periods of sitting. This was a contributing factor to his sciatic as well as neck and shoulder pain. With doing MedEx, and the spinal machines specifically, his ability to sit and drive for long periods has now improved greatly. A day of 4-5 hours of driving now leads to very minimal pain and stiffness.
Staff Pick
Super EFA Liquid
Amber Souliere
Chiropractic Administrative Assistant

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• Helps support cognitive health and brain function
• Helps support the development of the brain, eyes and nerves in children up to 12 years of age
• Concentrates natural EPA/DHA triglyceride forms, for improved absorption
• Delicious natural strawberry or orange flavour

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