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NEW AutoCeilâ„¢ insulation and finishing system for metal building roofs and walls features a new automated installation process which provides a tensioned ceiling support system for uncompressed, full thickness insulation. The unique design from Thermal Design is a revolutionary method of installation because it provides OSHA Compliant Through Fall Protection and completely eliminates bottom side banding, strapping and fasteners throughout the entire ceiling, providing a safer, faster and easier installation.
AutoCeil automated insulation system now features OSHA Compliant Through Fall Protection for new pre-engineered metal building purlin roof systems.
Virtually Installs Itself  

From the floor level, installers operate secured winches to pull the AutoCeil ceiling sheet UP one wall, ACROSS the ceiling and DOWN the other wall. The AutoCeil sheet is positioned, tensioned and secured. The system requires ceiling support struts to transfer the rafter brace loads from the purlins to the struts and allows a clear, unobstructed path for the AutoCeil sheet material to be mechanically pulled throughout the bay. A single AutoCeil sheet is custom fabricated to fit rafter to rafter and span across up to 200 feet of the metal building width and height down to the floor. Wider spans require a splice.

Thermal Design, Inc., manufacturer of the Simple Saver System®, is a recognized innovator in the metal building insulation industry with a 30 year history of developing effective insulation solutions based on economical, easy-to-install building systems, accessories and concepts. Based in Wisconsin and Nebraska, Thermal Design, Inc. assists with energy code compliance and provides products and services globally that focuses on integrating the design of insulation, HVAC, lighting, controls and power generation specifically tailored for pre-engineered metal buildings. Sales and service locations all throughout the United States and Internationally.
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