This photo I bought helped raise money for trout unlimited as well as two others below. They have been up all year in the shop and have made many people smile. This one captures every move made when tying a fly, the artist did an amazing job with this one. In the not so distant future there will be a huge art sale of some of the best fly fishing art and photography in the sales and special section on the web site. 


We all love sex and these little fellow's are dam sexy. These are new comers to my very popular range of Hot Dog nymphs. These ones unlike there brothers and sisters have a small hidden rainbow tungsten bling! bead to get them down to the fish quick.Limited stock at the moment due to demand at the end of the season , they come in size 18,16 and 14 sizes.

A couple of my awesome clients told me what they did not wish for lunch, so Yes!  after a few days with them,guess what got prepared for them? ,Brussels sprout kebabs and Sardines for lunch.To my dismay one of them loved the raw Brussels sprouts, Bugger!

The trees on the banks of the Mataura river beside my house are great in April for photography due to the majestic autumn colors
With the  last sun of the day on the leaves you can see the darkness of snow and rain in the sky rolling in 

The fishing and stuff!

The season finished with a bang with the April mayfly hatches coming off regularly most days. The fishing was awesome with most days my clients managed to fool 20+ trout the most fooled was 32 in a day.The sun was out most days and there was no or very little wind. 
There is lots happening behind the scenes at the moment with already a winters move to a new office and also some great new fishy stuff going on. Stu's Fly shop is about to get even better and add a heap more fun into your life, so watch out!. Have you heard of the new Eco fly fishing lodge in Southland?

The new office we have just moved into, Trigger is as interested in the paperwork as me.   


This year more and more guides have been using Stu's Superior Flies with great success. It's an honor to have these guys on board and backing the small unique Kiwi Fly Brand. Below are just some of the passionate guides who know the importance of good hooks and great fly designs.

Thank you Matt Butler - Wanaka guide. His bags are packed and hes off traveling the world over winter chasing big fish and filming as he goes. Hes bought a heap of Stu's Superior flies along for his travels as well.I also just lent him my 11wgt loaded reel  and spare spool ,so can maybe just dream of what he may be after! This year his favorite fly was the Cowboy dry fly in the back-country.

Check out Matt

Traveltruly Presents: King Tide On The Fly - NZ Fly Fishing 
Matt Butler using Stu's Superior flies 
Thank you to Ronan - The Irish- kiwi- Cromwell based guide and not a fat one at that!. For years Ronan traveled every summer to fly fish in NZ , eventually he never went back home. Ronan likes big fish and this year like past years was no different. He managed a few double figure brown trout and salmon using Stu's Superior flies which is always go to hear and know about. He also writes a blog for the awesome Sexyloops web site. Check him out


Thank you Jeff. Jeff arrived from the USA and set up base guiding out of Wanaka. In the winter he heads off working as a goldfish guide! and large Taimen guide in Mongolia. In March and April his favorite dry fly was the Stu's may fly cripple in brown size 18 , Jeff and his clients had much fun using them he told me. Check him out


Thank you Paul Macandrew ,Wanaka guide. Paul been around a while now and is starting to get greay hair. Hes been a great supporter of Stus Superior flies and Stu's fly shop for many years and can be found poaching on the Mataura river beside my house many times during the season. One of his favorite flies in the collection is the green monkey in size 16. Check the dude out.


All the guides wanted to buy these off me for back ups with some clients, though i better just keep them! 

Thank you Chris Dore, Queenstown guide.  It great to have Chris on board as a avid support and user of Stu's Superior flies for many years. Chris charged into the shop in April desperate to get his hands on unweighted Hot dog nymphs and deadly nymphs and quickly bought dozens of them and topped up his fly boxes to get him through the end of the season and winter months, as he needed them to get his clients onto fish. Chris knows the importance of good hooks and good fly designs for himself and his clients. Check him out.


Thank you Mike Kirkpatrick from Nelson and owner of Latitude guiding. Mike is known for  his back country big fish hunts and its an honor to know he is  also an avid supporter  and user of Stu's superior flies. Hes a busy very passionate fly fishing man with his guiding operation and its great to hear he now employs a group of very passionate guides to help him . He also makes some great films and is currently he tells me working on a new one. Just recently he visited the shop with Hans and they had a fun time down south , they could not belive the numbers of fish they encountered and the amazing fishery i,m lucky to have right outside my shop and house,though the size of them is nothing to some of the big singles they have in the northern part of the south island.Check out Mike.


Going after Bonefish you will need some of these.

120 Days: Tarpon Season - I just personally love all films from felt sole media 
120 Days: Tarpon Season - I personally love all films from felt sole media

Put some of this on your fly and it will attract the big Trophy browns, maybe! If this made you smile watch the next clip.


Yellowtail Kingfish are widely distributed throughout the warm temperate waters of the Southern hemisphere, also known as Kingi or Yellowtail.
In the wild they can reach 1.7 m in length and weigh 56 kg.
 They are rapacious carnivores, feeding mainly on small pelagic fish such as Trevally, piper and garfish.
 Larger size Streamer/Baitfish flies are recommended on saltwater hooks and at least a 9 wgt rod to catch these powerful fish.
For all your saltwater fishing flies and Kingfish flies.

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King of the Flats - Aussie Fly Fisher
King of the Flats ,


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