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I returned from summer vacation last week, and caught up with some writing. Here's a list of recent blogs and some comments on what we'll discuss on today's Webinar. Please join us and invite your trader friends too. See the registration link below. 

Aug 25 11 - Is George Soros Shutting Down Because Of Dodd-Frank, Onerous Obama? 
Comment: Many other large investment managers are returning client money too rather than face the cost and scrutiny of SEC or CFTC registration under Dodd-Frank. Gillett will explain how most of our smaller managers don't have to register with the SEC or even their home state. It's not that big a deal to register and comply for smaller managers too. Can Republicans protect carried-interest tax breaks for investment managers?

Aug 17 11 - How Buffett Saves Billions On His Tax Return 
Aug 16 11 - Mr. Buffett, The IRS Needs Your Charity, Too 
Comment: Warren Buffett is the J.P. Morgan of our times and a savior of Wall Street and the financial system. But, I still don't think he's been entirely straight with us with his plea to raise taxes on other people's money.

Aug 03 11 - Fed Should Sell Some Gold To Prevent 'Run On The Bank' 
Comment: It's not healthy for everyone including taxi cab drivers to rush to gold and run on the bank and financial assets. The Fed wanted gold to go up the past two years to lift commodities and general prices, starting some healthy inflation, as they were worried about harmful deflation. Now, the Fed may want gold to stop going parabolic and correct. I just finished my vacation read Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World. It's a fantastic book and every trader and manager should read it. The gold standard was a culprit of the Great Depression and you will see how similar events were then to now. There is no Fed riding to the rescue in Europe and they face the abyss. 

Aug 01 11 - How will active traders make out with coming tax changes? 
Comment: This is my next article in Active Trader magazine. Tax reform is probably coming, but it may be punted until after the next election. GOP Presidential candidates all raised their hand on no tax hikes and its Republican orthodoxy. I still like the Deficit Commissions ideas for lowering the tax rate and flattening the code. Most of our trader clients can do well with those changes. 

Jul 25 11 - Iraqi dinar revaluation: Real consequences or just rumors? 
Comment: This caused a firestorm and it's on Forbes' Most Popular list. 

Jul 12 11 - Are lower 60/40 tax rates on futures in jeopardy? 
Comment: The "tax loophole" list became a hot topic and Andrew Ross Sorkin added 60/40 futures tax rates to his tax loophole list. Buffett agreed and I disagreed.

Jun 28 11 - Financial-Transaction Tax Threat Update 
Comment: Germany and France think FTT is the answer to their huge problems, it's not.

Jun 14 11 - Who's The AIG In This Financial Greek Tragedy? 
Comment: We still don't know and the EU financial crisis is still burning with no fire trucks coming. Buffett propped up Bank of America and the banking sector today, but not by buying common stock. Buffett will be paid 300 million per year for his 6% preferred shares with strings attached. If BofA didn't need extra capital, then why part with that precious element of cash flow? 

Jun 08 11 - Don't let banks weasel out of derivatives reform 
Comment: Dodd-Frank is being weakened by the day, and banks refuse to clear derivatives on exchanges. JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon calls it Dodd-Frankenstein and he is most vocal on not clearing his industry-leading derivatives. Who will blink first, the regulators, Congress, the President or the banks? 

Jun 06 11 - Important IRS voluntary disclosure initiative updates 
Comment: The deadline is Aug 31st for entering the IRS OVDI program. There is only a few days left to discuss this program with our Mark Feldman, JD with full attorney-client-privilege. See more below. 

Financial-Transaction Tax, Tax Breaks Under Threat, Tax Changes, and Inv. Mgmt.

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Financial-transaction tax (FTT) threat in euro zone.  

France and Germany recommended FTT as a solution to the EU PIIGS sovereign debt crisis and they are working on details this week.  Will FTT be launched in the euro zone only, or EU-wide, or worldwide, or not at all? The debate between those who want FTT and those who don't is intense in the media again. Green's been on this story a long time and he will give his opinion and predictions.


Carried-interest tax breaks for investment managers are under threat.

Warren Buffett threw carried-interest and lower 60/40 futures tax breaks under the buss in his highly-publicized plea to tax the rich. I tackled Buffett on my blogs defending these tax rules for traders and investment managers. 


Tax changes are coming.

Read Green's Aug.  1, 2011 blog, How will active traders make out with coming tax changes? Green will discuss his predictions for tax changes. 


Investment management business and regulation.

Brent Gillett JD will answer questions on setting up an investment management business, including separately managed accounts, incubator funds and for-profit hedge funds. Gillett will give an update on Dodd-Frank financial regulation, missed deadlines, industry and political efforts to water down the Financial Regulation law, and the outlook for investment managers.



Aug. 25 Webinar: FTT, Tax Breaks Under Threat, Inv. Mgmt, and Tax Changes


Thursday, August 25, 2011


4:15 PM - 5:30 PM EDT


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