September 2014
Issue 13
IFS launches new architectural brochure

New brochure covers everything you need to know to choose the right architectural coating.

IFS Architectural has launched its new architectural brochure. More than just a brochure, the new publication covers everything you need to think about when using powder coatings for architectural applications, from choosing the right product, understanding the different levels of durability available, color matching, warranties, fabrication and assembly. Kreg Gardner, IFS architectural business development director commented "our brochure has already been well received by the architectural community and our customers are using it to support their own business in the architectural arena. That's exactly what it's there for and it is an exciting new tool." For your copy of the new brochure or to order more, talk to your IFS representative or call 940.668.1062.

Showcase YOUR capability
Introducing the new Polychem RAL boards
Making sure YOUR customers know what's available to them is important. That's why we have introduced the new Polychem wall boards, including three 3.5' x 2' boards and hundreds of panels to be arranged however you like. The perfect way to display beautiful colors on real powder coated panels as well as brochures and printed materials, you'll receive 182 colors that are ready to ship immediately, and 125 colors that can be made to ship in 3 - 5 days. Display YOUR product and brighten up your walls with eye catching colors that are working for you in front of every customer. For more information talk to your IFS representative or call 940.668.1062


Translucent color shining through...
Check out our exciting translucent shades

Always on top of the latest trends, IFS translucent coatings are taking the design world by storm. Offering a unique combination of striking colors and translucent effect these shades can even have metallic added to them. "Translucent colors are really popular right now" Glynn Mason, IFS President said, "from residential and commercial interiors to furniture and consumer products, we're seeing great demand for these coatings." The range includes the standard shades as well as a sparkling bright turquoise and delicious pink. For more information or sample panels talk to your local representative or call 940.668.1062.



Protect and decorate beautiful buildings...

Thermal Windows & IFS

IFS and Thermal windows are ensuring beautiful buildings look great, retain their authenticity and are protected from the elements. The Sooner Centre in Norman, OK, is one of several buildings to benefit from hardworking, Super Durable IFS architectural coatings. Protected from UV weathering, salt spray, humidity and more, Ecoset Coatings were the obvious choice for Thermal Windows to protect and decorate this beautiful structure. For more information on architectural coatings, talk to your IFS representative or call 940.668.1062.


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