April 5, 2017

Gulfstream G500 is on schedule for certification.  Anticipated certification is in 2017 with deliveries of the aircraft expected to start in late 2017. Flexjet is the launch customer.
   Gulfstream designed this 5000 nm range jet's interior with extensive customer feedback. Take a 360 a tour here:

FlightSafety now offers G650 training in UK.  Placing the sim at Farnborough makes it convenient for operators in Europe, Middle East and surrounding areas to take the training. It's a qualified D sim by FAA and EASA. G650 sim training is also available at DAL (Dallas TX), HKG (Hong Kong), LGB (Long Beach) SAV (Savannah GA) and ILG (Wilmington DE).

Brexit begins.  British Prime Minister Theresa May invoked Article 50 on Mar 29th, the exit clause in the European Union's founding treaty. Thus begins a 2-year process to untangle the UK from the rules and regs that have been in force since 1973.  Pres of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker estimates it will cost the UK $62 billion to complete
the process.

Here are top European economies in order of competitiveness. 
             1. Switzerland
             2. Germany
             3. Netherlands
             4. Finland
             5. Sweden

UK ranks 6th. Govt deficit remains high at 9% of GDP, however country has created conditions for service sector to flourish. Read more here.
POTUS TFRs are 30 nm radius restricted travel zones between NY and FL. When Pres Donald Trump travels along the east coast from his home in NY to Washington DC to his home in Palm Beach, the FAA imposes a President of the United States (POTUS) TFR. 
   During a POTUS TFR all gen av a/c must be prescreened by TSA at least 24 hrs prior to departure to be able to land within the restricted zone. Check the phone number provided in each NOTAM.  Consider landing outside the zone and driving into final destination.

Chao and Shuster led fact-finding mission to Canada. U S Transportation Sec Elaine Chao and House Transportation Com Chair Bill Shuster (R PA) met with Canadian reps of the privatized ATC system Nav Canada.  Shuster plans to reintroduce the ATC reform proposal as part of the next FAA reauthoriz-ation bill that currently expires Sep 30. House Aviation Subcommittee is currently holding hearings as it develops the legislation.  NBAA and other gen av trade associations are vociferously against this privatization, as corporate aviation is offered only 1 seat on a board controlling airport access.
  Get involved to head off this action Use this link to see how to reach out to Congress. 
This link to  list of  Av Subcommittee members.

Slots required at Toronto Pearson Intl starting Mar 28.  This is coming about because of the increase in overall aircraft ops combined with a runway rehab project.  

Bookings are required 48 hrs before arrival or departure times. Slots can be booked by calling Greater Toronto Arpt Authority (GTAA) at 416-776-7568. Prior permission is required to operate between 12:30 am and 6:29 am. 

Rehab of Rwy 05/23 is scheduled from Mar 23 thru May 16 and again between Oct 10 and Nov 3. During these times no arrival slots will be available between 3 pm and 7:59 pm but departure slots will be available. 

Slot system doesn't apply to medieval, heads of state, helicopters, military, police and sports charters.

CBAA is is starting a letter-writing campaign aimed at rolling back the arrivals ban and asking the airport authority to find a better solution than the slot system. Read more here.


President & First Lady are successful again.   As a rite of Spring, bald eagles Pres and 1st Lady are protecting 2 eaglets hatched on Mar 29th and Mar 31st. Take a peek at the live cam here.  (Warning: this is a camera focused on a wild eagle nest. Anything can happen.)

PC12 NG single engine TP
 earns title of 2016's best selling turbine powered business aircraft based on GAMA year-end a/c shipment and billings report. Sales of the PC12 NG increased by 30% and 91 units were sold worldwide. Resale value of Pilatus PC12s remains strong. According to JetNet, 3.7% of the PC12 fleet are listed for sale. A 10-yr old 2007 model with good mx records is still valued at 81% of its list price according to Aircraft Blue Book.

Constant purchases Starport SFB.
 This move marries Starport's mx capabilities on Falcon, Hawker Beech and Bombardier a/c with Constant's services on Embraer, Cessna and Gulfstream models.
Founded and managed by the Cambata family, Pres of StarPort
Jacqueline Cambata said they had been looking for the best steward to carry the operation forward. Pres and CEO of Constant Steve Maiden answers a few questions about the future.  Read his comments here:  

SimCom and Patty Wagstaff partner to provide upset training at ORL. Pilots attending recurrent training at ORL (Orlando) can do upset training at Wagstaff's Kissimmee facility. UPTRA training gives pilots the skills needed to handle any upset situation.  http://www.simulator.com

Exploring the sweet spot of technology. Embraer is forming innovation teams in Silicon Valley and Boston to explore opportunities in the future of air transportation. Dir of Corp Innovations Antonio Campello says teams will collaborate with startups, investors, academia and corps to find ways of harnessing cutting edge technology like artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and autonomous vehicles to create useful new ideas.  Almost 10% of annual revenues are invested back into research, development, innovation and improvement.

At last....baseball. Most exciting player in the world may be the "Samurai of Swat" from the Nippon Ham Fighters in Japan. At 22 yrs old, Shohei Omani is a starting pitcher with a fastball reaching 101 mph-and is also a powerful batter with a .322 average. He's being compared to Babe Ruth.   Watch him pitch here:

Duncan adds Aruba to its certifications.  In addition to the FAA and the new Arbua certification, Duncan's locations at LNK, BTL, HOU and Provo UT hold certificates for 10 additional civil av authorities around the world.

Metro Av is adding "patient simulator" to Bell 407 Level 7 sim training. Dir of the Flight Ctr Terry Palmer is hoping to have the training available later in 2017. Following will be a similar program designed for the Airbus AS350 Level 7 sim. More info here:  

TAG FAB plants trees.  Contributing to the airport's goal of achieving carbon neutrality, TAG Farnborough Arpt joined Calthorpe Park School in Fleet UK to plant 150 tress at the school site. Calthorpe is 1 of 16 schools and wildlife reserves in the Rushmoor area to receive a total of 3500 native trees funded by TAG FAB.   Since 2008 TAG has sought to reduce its carbon footprint, and has cut annual carbon emissions by nearly 30%.

Signature forms joint venture with Italy's Prime Av Services at 4 locations.
 With full service FBOs at LIN (Milan-Linate) MXP (Milan-Malpensa, CIA (Rome-Ciampino) and VCE (Venice-Marco Polo), Signature is now located at 9 of the top 25 European destinations chosen by business aviation. Op at LIN offers an executive-class facility with Customs assistance, security and slot coordination.    

Clay Lacy VNY adds ADS-B Out solution for Gulfstream GIV, GIV-SP and GV to FANS 1/A+ STC. For less than $250,000 and 2 weeks of downtime, the upgrade can be installed by any Universal Avionics authorized dealer or at the VNY (Van Nuys CA) repair station of Clay Lacy. Clay Lacy also offers a FANS 1/A+ STC for Challenger 601/3A/ER jets with ADS-B Out available. Go to  www.claylacy.com/FANS  for more info.

Beginning Jan 1 2020 a/c operating in US airspace must be equipped with ADS-B Out & a/c flying across oceanic routes must have FANS 1/A+. 

US Air Force is facing widening pilot shortage.  
Deficit is at nearly 750 pilots now, or 21% of requirement. Problem appears 2 fold: Pilots are being pulled into MQ-1 and MQ-9 UAV programs from manned gigs, and pilots are seeking jobs in commercial sector. To address the problem USAF has proposed almost doubling mid-year bonuses, improving training and increasing leave time after deployments.

MAC Jets is open at PWM (Portland ME). 
 New 43,000 sq ft FBO facility is the only operation on the south side of the airport. It allows customers a bit more privacy, less airport congestion and easier access to downtown Portland. MAC Jets is a full service FBO offering Avfuel and AVTRIP points, with a waiting area, exec conference rooms, pilot's lounge, fitness facilities, a 30,000 sq ft heated hangar and 24-hr security. It's owned by the Caruso family which has operated the charter, sales and mx company MAC Air Group for 3 generations.  

rish gambling website Paddy Power is searching for an out-of-the-box thinker to come up with bets about what Donald Trump will do next.  Will he ban redheads from the US?  Move the center of govt to Trump Tower NYC?  Look up Paddy Power to apply if you're keeping up with The Donald's tweets and daily blarney.  (Note: Pro Pilot does not encourage or endorse gambling ;-)
West Star receives ODA approval.   Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) means West Star is authorized to perform as a rep of the FAA for issuing STCs to applicants that meet the criteria defined in the ODA procedures manual.

Global 7000 reaches Mach 0.995 in early flight testing.  Flight crew successfully demonstrated the 1st test a/c's performance capabilities by opening envelope to Mach 0.995. Global 7000 is the largest business jet to operate so close to the sound barrier.  Flight test program using 2 test aircraft is showing high level of system reliability and is progressing on schedule.  
   Global 7000 will carry 8 paxs at an expected 7400 nm range.  Advanced wing design optimizes speed, range and control for a smooth ride, steep approach and short field performance. Aircraft is powered by 2 General Electric Passport engines and in the cockpit is the Vision flighdeck. Cabin has 4 living spaces and a dedicated crew rest area. It's expected to enter service in 2nd half of 2018.

NASA Study confirms biofuels reduce jet engine pollution.  Using its  DC-8 aircraft, NASA has found that using biofuels will reduce engine emissions by 50 to 70%.  Going up as high as 40,000 ft, the DC-8's 4 engines burned a 50-50 blend of av fuel + renewable alternative fuel of hydro processed esters and fatty acids produced from camelina plant oil.  Here is s a link to many of the NASA Studies.


Google and Levi's showed off a high-tech denim jacket at South by Southwest Festival in Austin TX. A $350 Commuter jacket is woven with touch-sensitive fibers that allows wearers to take phone calls, get directions, skip songs and check the time by tapping and swiping at their sleeves. There's a Bluetooth-enabled cuff link that transmits to the wearer's smartphone and delivers the requested info to headphones. Some critics of the coat are saying it does the same simple func-tions as the hands-free digital voice assistant.  It's estimated that the wearable market will expand and be worth $19 billion  next year.

Blackhawk sees increased growth in aircraft revitalization programs. Blackhawk specializes in PT6A engine upgrades for TPs.  At the close of its 17-yr in business, Blackhawk has completed 669 total engine upgrades: 73% of the King Air series, 12% Caravan, 9% Conquest and 6% Cheyenne. 
   Market for used TPs is strong because of the aftermarket STCs that can be used to revitalize them, especially engine upgrades. Co's XP engine program produces faster speeds while lowering operating and mx costs. As a member of Blackhawk's 79 authorized dealers, Stevens Aviation is recognized for having the highest # of Blackhawk XP engine sales in 2016 performed from its bases at GYH, DAY   & BNA.

This blended winglet is available on Dassault Falcon 900, 2000 and 50 models. Installation downtime is approx 2 weeks.
This split scimitar winglet are now standard on new BBJs and available as a retrofit for BBJ BBJ2 and 
BBJ3 . a/c.
API's spiroid winglets on Falcon 50 reduces drag by 11% and improves fuel burn.

Aviation Partners Inc and Aviation Partners Boeing report their blended winglet and split scimitar winglet technologies have now saved commercial and business jet operators an estimated 8 billion gallons of jet fuel.  Over 6300 sets of blended winglets are currently in service around the world. http://www.aviationpartners.com

Jet Aviation BSL (Basel) has concluded its first retrofit installation of split scimitar winglets on a BBJ1, following STC from EASA.

Leonardo acquired Daylight Solutions for $150 million. Daylight makes infrared lasers used to protect military helos from heat seeking missiles. Its infrared lasers are mounted on a/c and aimed at approaching missiles, blinding and confusing a variety of weapons systems such as shoulder-fired missiles, which pose a threat to military and civilian aircraft.   See video here.


Tubular or roll clouds seen in Australia.  Formations known as Morning Glory clouds can grow to be 600 miles long and move at 35 miles per hour. They appear during the Fall over Burketown Queensland Australia, a remote town with 200 residents. (Photo captured by Mick Petroff near Gulf of Carpenteria.)  

Daher introduces the TBM 910.   This model succeeds the 900.  Front office has the next generation Gamin G1000NXi integrated flight deck. This system includes moving map in the HSI window, VFR sectional and IFR chart support and processes more data significantly faster. Garmin's Flight Stream 510 support is included. Cabin has been upgraded with the comfortable seating and additional interior details as seen on the TBM 930.  Aircraft is priced at $3.919 million compared to the 930 at $4.195 million. TBM 910 is already certified thru FAA and EASA, and deliveries will begin this month.

Stevens Av signs 1st Garmin G5000 installation. It will be performed at GYH (Greenville SC) location on a Beechjet. According to Gen Mgr David Crowder, the G5000 completely remodels the cockpit with new LCD displays, touchscreen controls and ADS-B Out compliance while providing about 250 lbs of weight savings. Stevens also does service on Challenger, Embraer, Gulfstream, Learjet, Piaggio and Pilatus a/c at DAY (Dayton OH) and BNA (Nashville TN) in addition to GYH.

Jet Aviation cleared for G650 mx at HKG (Hong Kong).  With this approval Jet Aviation is approved to provide line and base mx to Gulfstream G650 a/c registered to the People's Republic of China, Macau and Hong Kong. Jet Av  HKG  can also work on G450 and G550 models. h ttp://www.jetaviation.com/hongkong

Elbit is conducting research to studying enhanced flight vision systems (EFVS) for helicopters. There may be a need for new regulatory, policy & guidance initiatives for EFVS to be used with helicopters. Test aircraft is the FAA's Sikorsky S-76 helicopter that will have the Heli-ClearVision EFVS installed. Then test flights will be done at different times of day and on different flight approaches to see how the EFVS improves flight safety. Read more here. 

Honeywell to establish partnerships with mx, repair & overhaul ctrs.  Effort is called the Premier Channel Partner Program (PCPP) and is being designed to better support Honeywell's customers around the globe. Honeywell will select MRO  ctrs with   high investments in skills, technologies and service. StandardAero is the 1st ctr to join PCPP .  

FlightSafety Foundation releases go-around decision making final report.   Report considers why a policy designed to prevent the most common cause of accidents is not being followed. Why mgmt is ineffective at monitoring. And the risks associated with the go-around procedure itself. Read the report.

UAS Intl offers advice on traveling to UAE.
  World Safety Aviation Summit takes place Apr 11-12. Flying into DXB (Dubai Intl), private flights require landing permits but not overflight permits.  Slot approval is requested 24 hrs in advance, and the best opportunity for arrival and departure slots is betw 1000Z and 1400Z. Parking is subject to availability. Read More.

Celebrating all sectors of aviation thru WAI

WAI Board members shown here L-R are: Brittney Miculka, Deborah Baugh, Brian Bolt, 
Dr Peggy Chabrian, Lauren McFarland, Abingdon Mullin, Marci Veronie, Deborah Hecker.
One of the more popular events is Girls in Aviation.
 Accomplished  women demonstrate opportunities available in all sectors of aviation.
Attendees took advantage of the wares displayed by exhibitors.

Photos by John Riedel
and Cindy Youngblood

Women in Aviation Intl (WAI) held its 28th annual conference on Mar 2-4 in Coronado Spgs FL.  Event attracted 165 exhibiting companies and 4500 attendees from 19 countries. Pres and Founder Dr Peggy Chabrian announced the org has 110 chapters and 14,000 members all over the world.  Three chapters recently joined from Botswana, Senegal and Brazil.  Next year the Conf will take place Mar 22-24 in Reno NV. 

Meridian acquired the former 22,000 sq ft AIG hangar at the south end of TEB airport. Purchase includes the 11,500 sq ft office support space.  Meridian is also constructing a brand new 40,00 sq ft hangar with 10,000 sq ft of office & support space. This project is being built at 125 Industrial Ave and will be replacing an existing 1956-constructed hangar.  New facility is expected to be operational by Dec 2017.   http://www.meridian.aero

Meridian TEB now works on Bombardier a/c.  Ctr is now a fully authorized inspection and repair station for the Bombardier Global Express BD-700-1A10 and the Global 5000 BD-700-1A11. It already carries certification on Cessna, Dassault, Hawker and Gulfstream models.  
GrandView Av to add 3 charter jets and expands to DCA (Washington National). Three Phenom 300 jets will be added to the 3 Bell 430 and Bell 407 helos based at MTN (Martin State Arpt, MD) and the Pier 7 Heliport in Baltimore MD. It's the only charter provider with clearance at DCA.

World Fuel Services adds CBG (Marshall Arpt at Cambridge UK) to its network. Cambridge Airport is a regl airport located 60 miles N of London and 30 miles N of Stansted Arpt. World Fuel Service has been chosen to supply Jet A-1 and Avgas 100LL to airport. In addition to private a/c handling and FBO services, Marshall is renowned for its conversion, mod, mx and support of military and commercial aircraft.

Luxaviation UK welcomes Athens-based Challenger 604 to charter fleet. Aircraft will have a full-time crew allowing for last-minute charter beginning in Apr 2017. Challenger 604 can accommodate up to 9 paxs and 3 crew and has a max range of 4000 nm.  Luxaviation Group offers more than 260 a/c for charter, and manages 24 FBO facilities and 14 mx centers worldwide.   Here is a map to identify where the Luxavation bases are located.    

Matterhorn White is said to be the ultimate symbol of sleek and discreet in aircraft color. Shade is named after the snowcapped peak in the Alps. Matterhorn  unseated the once-popular Snow White.



US manufacturers make more products than ever at cheaper cost, even though they have shed 7 million jobs over the past 35 years. That's because most lost workers have been replaced by automation, not by offshoring. (Source: Washington Post.)


D-Wave Systems quantum computers have control features that allow users to tune the quantum computational process and solve problems faster with more diverse solutions. 

Will quantum computers ultimately stop all accidents by diagno-sing equipment on the point of failure and overriding human error? Dennis Bushnell talks about solving problems in his editorial from Nov 2016 Pro Pilot.  

In the world:

Pres Hideo Sawada (far right) of Henna-na Hotel is the only human in this picture.

World's 1st hotel staffed almost entirely with automated robots  is open in Japan.  Henna-na Hotel (loosely translated means "evolve") located in the Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Nagasaki offers a human-scale velociraptor for check-in guidance.   Humans like the uniqueness but miss the empathy they are used to in a service culture.    Here are reviews of the hotel from Trip Advisor.

So what happens to we humans who want to be productive?
While most of us think of robots as causing job displacement, Bill Gates recognizes there should be something done to retrain workers for other useful and satisfying roles. His idea is that govts should tax companies' use of robots as a way to temporarily slow the spread of automation and fund other types of employment.  "It's really bad if people overall have more fear about what innovation is going to do than they have enthusiasm."  

Many studies are available on the types of jobs that will have automated tasks.  
Here is a link to 1 such study.  


Robert Sumwalt steps back into his role of vice chairman and at the same time will be the acting chairman of the NTSB Safety Board. He replaces Bella Dinh-Zarr who will remain on as a Board member.  

Robert Rufli joins Pentastar PTK as Dir of Ops.
 Rufli has 35 yrs in aviation with time spent as Pres of Landmark Av, Dir of Flight Ops for Aerodynamics and Chief Pilot for PDQ Air Service. He earned his BS in air commerce from FL Institute of Tech and has flight time in a variety of turbine powered a/c.

Dana Varney is Satellite Mgr for West Star CXO  (Houston).  He will oversee AOG demands and provide local mx support for surrounding operators. Varney began his aviation career 22 yrs ago at Mayo Av as mx mgr of an FAA Pt 145 repair station.

Nate Darlington named Paint Mgr at Duncan BTL (Battle Creek MI). 
 He has 16 yrs of experience and offers this bite, "I encourage customer participation in designing the exterior paint scheme, as it adds to the resale value of the a/c." Currently Duncan offers downdraft paint facilities at BTL and LNK (Lincoln NE) and can paint every size of business a/c. A 220,000 sq ft facility at PVU (Provo UT) is expected to open in 2019.

High winds off of Lake Ontario sprayed water over this summer house in western NY home. This happened just ahead of a Nor'Easter snow storm that hit the northeast on Mar 13th.   
Photo courtesy of Good Morning America.  

Nuclear submarine plans show up in a charity shop in Wales.  Found in the lining of a suitcase filled with books, detailed plans of the HMS Trafalgar were found by store owner Stella Parker in Porthmadog, Gwynedd Wales. Experts claimed the drawings were most likely posted on the sub to familiarize the crew with the layout of the ship. Now declassified the plans will go on auction by the shop in a money-raising effort. 
HMS Trafalgar protected the polar icecaps, was the 1st Royal Navy sub to launch Tomahawk missiles against the Taliban and was decommissioned in 2009.

Save your knees....run backwards. It's a real sport. An avid runner all his life, a doctor told Aaron Yoder he had to give up running. His knees were in bad shape. So, Aaron turned it around and started running backwards. He found it be a great core workout for hip flexors, calves and it makes quads scream...but in a good way. Balance is a big part of a backwards run. There are competitions...Aaron won an 800-meter race at the Intl Retro Running World Championships. Backwards running has shown Aaron how far he's come. See video of Aaron here:   

Murray Smith

Earlene Chandler


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