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Open For Business
Rutgers Health University Dental Associates Now in New Brunswick
An ad for Rutgers Health University Dental Associates.
Rutgers Health University Dental Associates is proud to announce the opening of its new faculty practice in New Brunswick, where world-class dentists and specialists offer the latest treatments. "We are thrilled to expand our reach and offer high-quality care to the Rutgers family in New Brunswick, as well as area residents and workers,'' said Dean Cecile A. Feldman.  LEARN MORE

Life Saver
Dr. Lauren Lapinski
Dentist Reveals How Routine Check-Ups Can Flag Deadly Illnesses

The five-year-old patient had swollen lymph nodes, but otherwise he seemed fine. That's what worried his dentist, Dr. Lauren Lapinski. Since he lacked symptoms of ordinary illness, she feared he might have a serious condition. As it turns out, she was right.  Lapinski, an RSDM alum, told students how dentists can spot signs of disease and other problems long before other practitioners. LEARN MORE

Students from last year's program
Learning Together
RSDM Part of New Interprofessional Effort

Students considering a healthcare career will learn the value of team work across disciplines, thanks to funding for a new undergraduate interprofessional program. RSDM and three other RBHS schools received a $415,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  LEARN MORE 
Asian American Dental Club volunteers in Chinatown
Reaching Out
Dental Club Connects With Chinatown Residents

In New York's Chinatown, finding a dentist can be daunting for residents.  "A lot of times, they don't know that clinics are available for healthcare. Even making them aware that this is an option is helpful,'' says Nicole Viola, president of RSDM's Asian American Dental Club. LEARN MORE

RSDM helps raise awareness of oral cancer
Walking The Walk
Students Help Fight Oral Cancer

RSDM students, and Dr. Mahnaz Fatazadeh, pounded the pavement to raise awareness of oral cancer last month at the 9th annual oral cancer walk in memory of David Nasto. The event, held in Sussex County, raised nearly $30,000 to fight the disease. Great job, everyone!