January 2015
Issue 16
    News and new products in brief
               from IFS Coatings 
Welcome to 2015 with IFS Powder Coating!

We are really looking forward to working with you and for you this year! Please don't hesitate to let us know how we can assist you.

From all at IFS, here's to a happy and healthy 2015!


Need RAL colors?

If you need RAL colors in high quality powder, with quick turnaround, flexible batch sizes, great pricing and first class service, look no further.


  We have:

  • 191 RAL colors in standard polyester - stocked.
  • Add metallic, texture, veins and more to any standard polyester shade. Ask for details.
  • All RAL shades also available as custom Super Durables.
  • 31 popular RAL shades in Super Durable technology available as standard - with quick turnaround.
  • Super Durables meet the AAMA 2604 performance criteria when applied over properly pre-treated aluminum and offer excellent exterior durability & 3000hrs. salt spray.

 Talk to your local representative or call 940.668.1062 for details.


Have you tried IFS powder clear coats?
IFS Powder clear coats are transparently good

Designed to protect either the substrate or a base coating, while allowing the original effect to shine through, our clear coat products are attracting a lot of attention. Used on a huge range of applications, from door and window hardwear to tools, furniture and even architectural applications, the clear coats are something to talk about. What's more, we can make them as a Super Durable, designed to give you even more outdoor protection, or add anti-microbial properties to them,perfect for hard working, high use areas.

For clear, concise information talk to your local representative or call 940.668.1062.


IFS Color charts for you and your customers

Making sure your customers know exactly what you're capable of is important. And having a great selection of colors is a big part of that. The IFS wall chart features some of our most popular colors and effects, including 189 RAL shades, our solid architectural collection and a series of textures and veins. Not only do they feature great colors, but they also show useful information, including our product coding system which makes it easy for you to order, cure schedules and film thickness guides. Decorate your walls with the IFS RAL wall boards (over 400 panels on 3 boards that will screw to a wall and brighten up any area while making sure your customers can choose colors AND see EXACTLY what the powder will look like), and make sure you have our IFS Wall charts to hand for you and your customers.

For more information on the RAL wall boards or to order some color charts talk to your local representative or call 940.668.1062.


Boston Retail delights Dunkin Donuts

Boston Retail, manufacturer of premium merchandising and retail solutions, is proud to use IFS powder coatings. Everyone knows the smell of fresh baked donuts and hot coffee is mouth wateringly good, but next time you're in a store, check out the display racks. IFS provide PLSF40287CN powder in chocolate brown to make Boston Retail's first class in-store solution great looking and hard working. A perfect color match, tough, scratch resistant powder and great, local service means the national chain stores are perfectly protected.


Online Application Advice
Solving your problems

Got an application issue? The IFS powder technicians have put together a list of common issues and some simple ways to solve them.

Check out http://ifscoatings.com/site/wp-content/uploads/Trouble%20Shooting%203.pdf and let us help you keep your line running smoothly. Need more advice? Check with your local IFS technical representative. Knowledgeable experts who have been in the industry a long time, your local powder experts are always willing to help.



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