April 2015
Issue 18
    News and new products in brief
               from IFS Coatings 
Spring has sprung, and with that IFS springs into action with an exciting range of colors and special effects for interior and exterior applications.
The new IFS Extreme Chrome and Xtreme Coatings

IFS's new Extreme Chrome is certainly something worth shouting about.

"There's nothing else like it out there," commented Richie Snyder, owner of Xtreme Custom Coatings in Easton, Pennsylvania, "it's great. When I use it as a straight chrome with a clear coat over the top, it still has a fantastic sheen, and I've put it underneath some of the IFS candy colors and it really makes them pop. The intensity of color is awesome. Literally every one of my customers wants it. I've been ordering it non-stop since the day I tested it."

The IFS chrome has excellent clarity and is available in standard polyester with a clear coat. A Super Durable clear is also available.


For a sample panel of more information, talk to your local representative or call 940.668.1062 for details.


Dallas-Ft. Worth Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program(TRIP)

Gordon, Inc., a nationally recognized manufacturer and leader in architectural/ interior specialty metal products, located in Bossier City, LA, was selected to provide the interior specialty metal ceilings scope for the DFW renewal project.  The architectural specifications required aesthetics rendering a glossy, textured and highly durable finish.   IFS Architectural was selected by Gordon, Inc. to provide the formulation and engage in a joint product development process to accomplish the architectural design objectives.

IFS's challenge was to replicate a heavy structure surface appearance that provides coverage in a one coat high build/high transfer formulation. The resulting product was a 1-coat, heavy structured/textured effect, glossy white finish. Thad Howard, IFS Technical Sales Representative commented "IFS was pleased to successfully produce a product that in 1-pass requiring deposition of 3-5 mils, obtained the required appearance and architectural design objectives."  

This coating has become the specified finish for all Terminals that will be included in the planned DFW Renewal Program.  The new formulation results in a finish that has been touted by Gordon, Inc. as well as all parties to the "TRIP" as a huge success.


Non-sparkle IFS AAMA 2604 primid powder

A common complaint in the industry is that certain Primid (TGIC free) based AAMA 2604 compliant powder coatings have a "sparkle" effect in them, when they are not meant to. Solid, non-metallic shades can sometimes give off a "sparkle" effect due to ingredients and formulation. Not with IFS. IFS Super Durable Primids in solid, non-metallic shades DO NOT SPARKLE!


For more information contact your local representative or call 940.668.1062 for details.

Have you seen our special effects?
Impress your customers with these easy to apply special effects
For illustration purposes only

From a subtle silver sparkle and anthracite metallic, through premium silver and copper

veins, to OB Gold and oil rubbed bronze, IFS offers an exciting range of special effects. Check out the IFS wall chart for a great selection of specialty colors and effects. If you don't see what you need simply let us know - we are experts in color and effect creation and will make sure we create what you need on time and on budget.


For more information contact your local representative or call 940.668.1062 for details.


RAL, ANSI, Federal Standards, Pantone and more


Need powder in specific color standards?

Let us know.


As well as the full RAL collection, and the ability to alter any RAL shades with metallics, hammertones, veins and more, we also have ANSI shades, Federal Standards and even some Pantone colors. Some Pantone shades are impossible to do in powder or paint (pantone colors are created with ink over high gloss paper, which gives the color a very specific and intense look. This is not always possible to create in powder over metal substrates - it depends on the shade), but some Pantone shades are possible and there are others we can get close to.


For more information on any of color standard matches, contact your local representative or call 940.668.1062 for details.


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