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Here are some of the stories we've been telling this week:

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We love movies. We always have. Even prior to that we were a storytelling species...that taps into something in all of us - a story being told. For the last 100 years the primary vehicle for storytelling in our culture has been movies...that's where we go to relive the narratives," says Barry Thorson, Executive Director of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF).

For over 20 years, the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF) has been giving Calgary youth a chance to go beyond the big screen and experience the process of filmmaking through their Summer Media Arts Camp (SMAC). SMAC is a two-week program that takes a film from concept development and script writing to filming and editing, and finally to a public screening, connecting the process to the end result.

How will we know we have left the consumer culture?

In a recent interview with John McKnight in preparation for the An Other Kingdom Event on September 12, he reminisced about road trips with his parents.  The children were persistently inquiring, "Are we there yet?" And a few minutes later, for the parents, after what seemed an eternity for the children, inquiring again, "Are we there yet?"

How will we know when we have departed the consumer culture? How will we know we have arrived? Read More

Second Lion's Den Social Innovation Challenge October 1, 2016

What excites Carla Leon, a key organizer of the  Lion's Den Social Innovation Challenge 2016 (SIC), are the connections between those who have a passion for social entrepreneurship.

For example, last year's Calgary SIC, Project Stove pitched an idea to sell energy efficient stoves in Kenya. That same year, a 2nd place winner of the Winnipeg SIC pitched an idea for a prototype hand-washing unit to improve sanitation in Uganda. Because of the connection to the SIC, Carla was able to connect these two entrepreneurs with complimentary products for the African market.
Carla believes that "the value of these connections is exponential." Read more . . . 

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