eNewsletter of Calgary's Generative Journalism News Co-op |Sept 8, 2016

Here are some of the stories we've been telling this week:

Themes and Questions - An Other Kingdom Dialogue.

One of the quotes NewScoop lives by, is that Change Happens at the Speed of Relationships. At the An Other Kingdom event this past Monday we were treated to the interplay of the relationship between Walter Brueggemann, John McKnight and Peter Block; a relationship which has born the fruit of a call to good folks of all faiths or no faith to consider our embeddedness within a consumer culture, it's costs and the beginning articulations of a way to An Other Kingdom.

It felt just a tiny bit subversive to be having this conversation in the company of a fairly diverse group of people, strangers from different contexts: young and old, students and academics, neighbours and social workers, church leaders and citizen leaders.
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Studies may have officially ended for the students participating in Simon Fraser University's Certificate Program for Community Economic Development (SFU CED), but their real training has just begun.

The 8-month, hands-on program provides a unique learning experience for a select cohort of students seeking to build strong, local and sustainable communities. Thrive, Calgary's community economic development network, partners with SFU to host this program in Calgary.
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