SVS-Vistek and Newnex 
Confirm USB3 Vision Product Interoperability
Newnex Technology Corp. and SVS-Vistek GmbH have jointly announced product interoperability between Newnex's USB 3.0 connectivity solutions and Svs-vistek USB 3.0 cameras.

Newnex performed the compatibility test to inform users of interoperability between Newnex solutions and Svs-vistek cameras. The Svs-vistek USB 3.0 cameras have proven to be highly compatible as they worked reliably with all Newnex passive cables up to 5m, active cables up to 18m, and our USB 3.0 optical fiber extension solution up to 300m.

All Newnex solutions have USB3 Vision compliant locking, making them compatible with Svs-vistek cameras to give a secure locking connection, which is important for machine vision applications.

All testing was done for period lengths over 24 hours at various modes of operation and with full bandwidth data rates. Testing resulted in zero errors during the entire testing time. Having error free transmission and avoiding loss of frames is critical for machine vision applications. Newnex USB 3.0 machine vision cables and extenders are tested and proven to be working together with Svs-vistek cameras flawlessly. Test result are available at on our Newnex website.

Cameras tested:

SVS-Vistek USB3 Vision compliant USB 3.0 cameras M odel # EXO249CU3 and # EXO174MU3

Newnex USB3 Vision compliant USB 3.0 cables, extenders, and related products tested:

US26AMCBI1-3MN: USB3.0 A to Micro B locking screws cable, 3m

US26AMCBI1-5MN: USB3.0 A to Micro B locking screws cable, 5m

FireNEX-ULS-8: USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cable, 8M, with locking screws

FireNEX-ULS-12: USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cable, 12, with locking screws

FireNEX-ULS-18: USB 3.0 Active Repeater Cable, 18M, with locking screws
FireNEX-5000H: USB 3.0 Optical Fiber Extender up to 300m
FireNEX-uHUB: USB 3.0 4-Port Industrial Hub
FireNEX-uLINK-DS: USB 3.0 1-Port Dongle Extender, 10m

About SVS-Vistek
30 years of experience - within industrial machine vision this is almost an eternity! SVS-Vistek was founded in 1987, established for the sale of opto-electronic components, and in 1999 they began designing, developing and manufacturing their own CCD and CMOS cameras at the company headquarters in Seefeld, Germany. Today SVS-Vistek is one of the most innovative manufacturers of industrial cameras with an international presence.

About Newnex
Newnex Technology Corp. is a world leader of innovation for USB, IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and other connectivity technologies for consumer electronics, machine vision, medical imaging, aerospace and a wide range of other industries. For more information about Newnex products and services, please visit
Visit to learn more about Newnex USB3 Vision product compatibility test.

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