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November 10, 2017
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Rector's Reflection
My heart has been so heavy this week, I can barely stand it. The shooting last Sunday at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, disturbed me deeply. This shooting happened barely a month after the Las Vegas shooting and still the media is filled with pundits defending our country's obsession with guns: touting how the real hero in this story was the other guy with a gun not the people in the church who shielded others with their bodies. 

I am not anti-gun. I grew up with guns, with people who served in the military, and in law enforcement; I grew up with people who hunted. I've been to firing ranges; I know how to shoot a gun. But I am increasingly disgusted by the "right to bear arms" being invoked as an excuse for a people to own personal arsenals of assault weapons and armor piercing bullets. I am angry that politicians are so influenced by the gun lobby in this country that they can't even discuss halting the sale of accessories that increase a gun's slaughtering potential or consider any measure that assesses a person's mental fitness to own a gun.
I have grown tired of hearing people talking about their "thoughts and prayers" in the aftermath of these disasters because what I hear is their apathy: the steadfast determination to do nothing. If we are content to pay for our gun obsession in human lives, then praying about it means little.

The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright, bishop of Atlanta summed up my feelings when he wrote:

"Let's not pray. As someone who convenes and commends prayer for a living, what America needs now is less prayer and more action from her elected officials. When the doers of evil are foreign born, suggestions for policy and action flow forward. When the doers of evil are Americans with automatic and semi-automatic weapons we are invited to moments of silence and prayer.
Silence is what we use to hear God speak, not a place to hide from our responsibility. Prayer is not a refuge for cowards. Prayer is where we steel ourselves to partner with God for good. Please do not invite me to pray in response to the horror of Sutherland Springs, Texas, unless it is to pray courage over elected officials who intend to work for the ban of automatic and semi-automatic weapons."

My husband's friend from childhood, Rev. Fred Winters, was shot and killed on a Sunday morning in church. Ever since his death, the first thing I do when I walk into church on Sunday is pray for our safety and for the courage to continue welcoming the stranger and the outcast. These days, I am also praying for the Holy Spirit to show us ways to resist the feelings of helplessness that might beset us, for those feelings are generated by the forces of darkness. I pray that we, people of faith, will face those forces fearlessly, live as people of light, and put our prayers into action.

  • St. Margaret's Day will be celebrated on  November 12 . There will be one service at 10 a.m. and will feature our bagpipe procession and the dedication of our new Alleluia banner, stitched by former rector
    Vienna Cobb-Anderson. The service will be followed by a potluck lunch and all are invited to attend. Reminder to wear red!
  • Holiday Service Schedule:  Thanksgiving Day ( November 23 ), 10 a.m.; Christmas Eve ( December 24 ): Advent Lessons and Carols (Advent 4), 10 a.m.; Christmas Eve Eucharist, 6 p.m.; Nativity Mass, 11 p.m. preceded by Choral Prelude at 10:30 p.m.; Christmas Day ( December 25 ), 10 a.m. One service Sunday, December 31 , 10 a.m. The church offices will be closed December 25-28 , and January 1-3 .
  • Christmas Choir: Please consider singing in the choir at the 11 p.m. service on Christmas Eve. Rehearsals will be held from 7:30-8:45 p.m. on the following Thursdays: November 16, 30December  7, 14, 21. Those interested should contact Interim Music Minister, Timothy Duhr, via e-mail.
2018 Stewardship Campaign
This is the theme of this year's Annual Stewardship campaign - the time when members of the Parish reflect on the mission and ministry of St. Margaret's and our financial commitment to sustaining that mission and ministry. Over the coming weeks, you will hear about why other members of our community make a financial commitment or pledge to St. Margaret's, how you can make a pledge and what ministries your pledge supports. Pledging is a voluntary act of faith that celebrates the gift we have received from God and in the St. Margaret's community. We will be collecting our pledges as a community on St. Margaret's Day, November 12. If you have any questions, please contact any Vestry or clergy member or Jane Quenk, the Stewardship Committee chair, at
Formation Events
Christians Thirsting for Justice
A monthly conversation on the second Thursday of the month continues through Thursday, May 10, 2018, 6:30-8:30 p.m., at Board Room ( 1737 Connecticut Ave NW ). Next meeting: December 14.

What do the scriptures have to teach us about racial justice? Or about LGBTQ liberation? Why is gun violence a theological issue? What's the connection between faith and sexuality? What does the Christian tradition have to teach us about gender equality-or about rupturing the binary? And how can progressive Christians relate to people of other faiths and no faith?

Explore possible answers to these and many more questions at the intersection of Christian faith and social justice in a frank and honest discussion over food and drinks at Board Room. Each gathering begins with a brief overview of an issue. We then have facilitated dialogue, and bring things to a close with prayer. This series will be co-sponsored by All Souls Episcopal Church, St. Margaret's Episcopal Church and St. Thomas' Episcopal Church. No church affiliation is required to attend. Admission and food are free, but purchasing drinks from the venue is encouraged. For more information, email Rev. Richard Mosson Weinberg at

The First Sunday Forum
The First Sunday of each month through May 2018, following the 11:15 a.m. service in the parish hall

December 3: "How To Pray" (led by Rev. Kym Lucas)
January 7: "How To Care" (led by Richard)
February 4: "How To Read the Bible, Part 2" (led by Kym)
March 4: "How To Pray, Part 2" (led by Richard)
April 8: "Why We Celebrate the Eucharist" (led by Richard)
May 6: "When Cursing is Advised" (led by Kym)
Thanksgiving 'Basket' Collection
Support Families From Marie Reed
Every year at this time, the generous parishioners of St. Margaret's donate Thanksgiving "baskets" (grocery bags, really) filled with all the nonperishable food needed to provide a Thanksgiving dinner for at Marie Reed Elementary School on 18th Street.

Here is what we need in each "basket":

--2 two pound bags of rice,
--2 bags of black beans,
--2 large cans of yams,
--2 boxes of stuffing mix
--1 $25 gift card from Safeway or Giant to buy a turkey.

You can put your donations on the table in the glass top table room opposite the reception area on the second floor of 1830 Connecticut Avenue. Please do not leave them on the floor or on a window seat!

Last year, the Washington area was struck with a canned yam shortage in mid-November, so it might be a good idea to get your contributions in early!

Contact Anne Chase at (202) 277-5266 with questions.
On the Way Bible Study
Join the On the Way (OTW) group for Bible study and our continuing discussion of  Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan.  All are welcome as we share this time of study, fellowship and prayer. Aslan explores traditi onal understandings of our faith story alongside the economic, political and religious events of first-century Palestine. How did Jesus and his contemporaries understand the goal of establishing the Kingdom of God, and how is our faith experience affected by what scholars uncover about the "historical" Jesus?  The next meetings of OTW will be Mondays, November 13 and November 27 from  7 to 8:30 p.m.  in the Glass Top Table Room. An optional brown-bag supper is enjoyed at  6:30 p.m.  For more information please contact Bill Amt at .
Caregiver Support Group
The group will next meet on Sunday, November 26 between the services from 10:15 to 11 a.m. in the Parlor on the second floor. For more information, contact Bill Amt at

Charlie's Place
Charlie's Place Updates
Volunteers Needed!
Charlie's Place is seeking volunteers to help in the serving of our Thanksgiving Dinner on  November 16 at 6 p.m. Volunteers are needed at 3 p.m. for decorating and setup, and at 5:30 p.m. for serving and clean-up. If you are interested and available, please contact Barbara Wille at for more information. 

CFC Campaign
Please support Charlie's Place with your gift through the Combined Federal Campaign! It is that time, and we really hope that many will choose to support Charlie's Place with a gift through CFC. It is a challenging time for Charlie's Place, but our commitment to our clients has never been stronger! Our CFC number is  33959.

Every morning, the following is part of our morning prayer/statement that is read in our program: "Let us be an instrument of social justice in this community."  Please join us in strengthening our service to our homeless and hungry clients by choosing Charlie's Place for a CFC gift.

Thank you in advance, and please let me know if you have any questions, and if you'd like to help! Best wishes,  Barbara Wille ( 

Join us for St. Margaret's Second Saturdays at Charlie's Place!
Are you looking for a great way to start off your weekend and experience the power of service? Are you proud of St. Margaret's support of Charlie's Place, and have you wanted to experience it in person, but are unable to do so on weekdays? Join other St. Margaret's volunteers to cook and serve breakfast the second Saturday of every month. Hours are 7:30-10 a.m.(ish); for more information or to join our mailing list, e-mail Kate Weber ( Volunteers are also needed for other days (not just Saturdays); for details e-mail Barbara Wille (

New to St. Margaret's?
We Want to Get to Know You
Welcome! Please fill out one of the cards at the end of your pew and place it in the plate or give it to a vestry member.
Prayers of the People
For Those We Love
Clergy:  The House of Bishops; Presiding Bishop Michael Curry; Diocesan Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde; St. Margaret's Clergy: Rector Kimberly Lucas, Rev. Richard Weinberg.

Companion Dioceses: The Diocese of Southern Cape, in the Church of the Province of Southern Africa; the Diocese of Jerusalem; and for Dr. Madrid and the people of Proteccion, Honduras.
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:  St. Margaret's Parish; Charlie's Place Feeding Program, St. Margaret's Parish; Ordination Service (November 18) Pray for those who are being ordained.

St. Margaret's Cycle of Prayer: St. Margaret's Staff.

Those Celebrating Birthdays: John Riley, November 10; Kevin Lee, November 14; Oobie Gleysteen, November 15; Christopher Boling, November 19.

Sick Parishioners:  Isabelle Melese-d'Hospital, Frank Haendler, Heidi Mayor; Bill Amt, Jan Volkemer, Roberta Ujokovich; Susan Rees, Nancy Scoutt, Michael Suggs; Edith Scott, Marcelina Maynard, Beryl Gill; Pat Heinz, Michelle Brito, Peter Winkler; Ashley Heinz, Louise Thomson, Janet Neale; and Jill Bell.

Sick Family & Friends of Parishioners: Donald Czaja (uncle of Gabrielle Czaja), Eugenie Myrie (aunt of Jeff Taliaferro), Ben Bagley (brother of Katie Bagley); John Templin (brother of Helen Templin), Alice McCray (neighbor of Tom and Kate Blackburn), Bee James (grandmother of Doni Holloway); Terry Byington (niece of Allen Ellwood), Daniel Gri (friend of Lance Tucker), Nancy Snyder (friend of Anne Chase); Stephen Austin (cousin of Anne Chase), John Murphy (friend of Linda Harbin Suggs), Randi Stith (friend of Regina Curran); Betty van Iersel (friend of Peter Winkler), Marjorie Jeanne Worrell (mother of Carol Ward), Colin Rankin (grandson of Carlin Rankin); Martha Ann Day (friend of David Boling), and John Waters (Uncle of Peter Winkler).

The Departed:  Mary Jane Hicks (mother of Daniel Hicks), Mildred Lucas Oglesby (aunt of Rev. Kym Lucas), Lester Roy Retherford (uncle of Mark Retherford);  Greg Chittick and Jimmy Walton (friends of Ron Lorentzen), Joseph Sharp (nephew of Tom Sharp), Robert Weber (grandfather of Kate Weber);  Carlos Rivera (father of Pedro Rivera),  Carl Schoonover (grandfather of Bert Russ),  Don Shriver (great uncle of Bert Russ); Meredith Bell-Platts (friend of Bert Russ),  Michael Lybarger (brother of Kate Blackburn),  Edward Lewis (father of Mary Gupton); Eduardo Betancourt (cousin of Pedro Rivera), and Richard Moreland (father of Genevieve Moreland) .

Those Serving Abroad & Their Families: Especially those serving in the U.S. Military and Foreign Service Service; Strother Murray in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and for those serving as observers, members of the press, and relief workers. We pray for all of those who have lost their lives, been wounded or are held hostage around the world.
Help us to maintain our Prayer List for the Sick Family & Friends of Parishioners: If you would like St. Margaret's to pray for a friend or family member, e-mail us at When someone appearing on the list is no longer in need of prayers, do let us know! 

Of course everyone needs prayers all the time, but after approximately 3 months, unless you tell us otherwise, we will remove the person from the list. If someone still needs our prayers, simply shoot us an e-mail and we'll add them back on.
Sunday Worship
Schedules, Resources, Info

Worship Schedule:
Holy Eucharist at 9
 a.m.  and 11:15 a.m.
The Rev. Kym Lucas, Rector

The Rev. Richard Mosson Weinberg, Parish Missioner & Formation Associate
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