January 8
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A weekend with Steve Gold
What can I say about Steve Gold. He's wonderful for sure, he's down to earth, warm, kind, and solid. He's in absolutely no hurry and I love that about him. His wife is the loveliest and his a daddy. Being around Steve makes me happy and most of all - I am inspired by him. My heart opens and I want to sing when he's in the room. The first time I heard his music was in a teacher training with Shiva Rea in LA and man! wow! ... just wow!

He's also a great and inspiring storyteller and we will get some stories from him for sure. I have gotten to know Steve over the years and I am so happy that he has agreed to bless us this weekend (and participate as a guest teacher for my teacher training which starts this weekend as well).

There is already a wonderful community buzz, so I would like to encourage you to consider coming (details below) - you will be so glad that you did.

As Steve says," No pressure, only pleasure!"

To manifesting!

Steve Gold

Friday, January 11 @7pm
Bliss Songs Concert

Saturday, January 12 @7pm
Mantras for Manifestation

Get your tickets in advance!
Info: www.backbendyoga.net

Steve Gold is a down to earth, soulful singer and teacher. He creates powerful music for conscious living, broadcasting vibrations straight from the heart. His positive message of self love, self fulfillment, and personal accountability heals and inspires. Steve's practice of more than 25 years combines his passion for singing, songwriting, yoga and metaphysics. Steve travels the world teaching Mantras for Manifestation and Voice of Magnificence workshops and performing at festivals, conferences, and yoga retreats. Steve collaborates with renowned teachers such as Deepak Chopra and Shiva Rea.
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