News & Updates From Ice Dogs Hockey Association
Welcome To The 2017-18 Season
The Ice Dogs Hockey Association (IDHA) and the Glacier Avs Hockey Program are proud to announce that a total of 19 teams have been organized for the upcoming 2017-18 hockey season. Your head coaches for the season will be:

Mite D1 - Coach Johnson
Mited D2 - Coach Holeczy
Mite D3 - Coach S. Himley
Mite D4 - Coach Lother

Squirt AA - Coach C. Himley
Squirt A1 - Coach Johnson
Squirt A2 - Coach Brown
Squirt A3 - Coach Hassler
Squirt B - Hassler

Pee Wee AA - Coach Ustrnul
Pee Wee A1 - Coach Scott
Pee Wee A2 - Coach Falconer
Pee Wee B - Coach Tambourine

Bantam AA - Coach Carter
Bantam A1 - Coach Menotti
Bantam A2 - Coach Fogel
Bantam A3 - Coach Eberhardt
Bantam B - Coach Krappel

Midget U15 - Coach Meo
The U15 Midget Team Bonds At "Feed My Starving Children"
On Monday, September 11th the U15 Midget Team participated in the "Feed My Starving Children" event. It was a phenomenal experience that was shared by the entire team as well as family members and friends. Thank you, Team Meo, for dedicating your time, and thanks for representing the Ice Dogs in such a positive light!
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